Using Super for Surgery

Using Your Super for Surgery – How to Claim Your Superannuation to pay for Plastic Surgery

Superannuation is accessible for patients who need to undergo surgery for serious medical conditions and they are unable to fund the surgery themselves. People who make successful claims to use their super for surgery typically include those who wish to undergo plastic surgeries for essential medical purposes like breast reduction, tummy tuck, breast implant removal or nose surgery for breathing difficulties.

About Withdrawing Superannuation from Your Super Fund

It is possible to have early access to your super for surgery in two specific circumstances.

  1. You are in acute or chronic pain that requires essential medical treatment
  2. You are in severe financial hardship

There is a special process to follow and you also need permission from your Super Fund. The approval process and release of funds process are managed by both the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and your Super Fund.

Accessing your Superannuation on Compassionate Grounds

You may also be allowed to withdraw some of your superannuation on compassionate grounds. This refers to when you need money:

  • for medical treatment or medical transport
  • to treat a life-threatening illness or injury
  • to alleviate acute or chronic pain
  • to alleviate acute or chronic mental illness
Super for Surgery Dr Turner Sydney

Accessing Your Super on Grounds of Financial Hardship

To claim a superannuation release on severe financial hardship grounds, you need to contact your super provider directly.

How to Apply for Early Release of Super

To claim a superannuation release on compassionate grounds, you need to apply through the ATO. The Compassionate release of super form is in your MyGov account.

Read about early access to your super on the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website.

It’s important that your specialist and medical practitioners provide detailed information relating to your condition. Your GP and plastic surgeon must sign off on the same information.

Your claim must also include expenses and be made before having surgery. You will need to include your surgery quote. If you have already paid your expenses, you will not be eligible for superannuation release for your surgery costs after surgery.

Can you use your Superannuation for Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery?

If you’ve been considering plastic surgery for quite a while now and don’t have the funds for it, you may be able to use your Superannuation. You may have heard of other people using their Super for surgery & finance their procedure.

The Australian Taxation Office and granting super fund access

Early withdrawal of your Superannuation can be granted on compassionate grounds but it is not easy. From the ATO website, the current criteria for accessing super for surgery are:

  • The patient needs surgery for a chronic medical illness/condition
  • The patient has no other means to pay for surgery other than super
  • The patient must apply before the surgery and have a quote for the surgery
  • The super claim must be made for the patient himself/herself or a dependant spouse or child
  • The patient cannot access the particular surgery through the public system

What kind of plastic surgery can I get with my super fund?

There are many medical conditions under which you can claim super release mostly related to chronic pain relief.

Here are the most common conditions associated with plastic surgery under which you can claim the super fund.

  • Complications Regarding Breast Implants
  • Breast Reduction Surgeries
  • Tummy Tuck and Excess Skin Removal after Major Weight Loss or after Pregnancy
  • Nose Surgery – Corrective Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty
  • Other surgeries which relieve chronic pain

Note: In order to qualify for elective surgery using super, you must be experiencing medical conditions such as ongoing pain and discomfort. While any cosmetic surgery will certainly make you look good and feel confident, the one thing which will make you qualify for early super is a chronic medical issue.

What do I need to access my Super Fund?

The entire process is listed on the Australian Taxation Office. Prior to submitting your application to ATO office, it is advised to check if your superfund will grant access to super under compassionate grounds.  There are a few super funds that don’t allow access for early withdrawal.

A referral from your GP to support your medical condition is required for the initial consultation.

After the consultation, patients will need:

  1. Surgery quote from the surgeon.
  2. An Early release super form which will be filled by your general practitioner.
  3. An Early release super form which will be filled by Dr Turner

Note: Patients can get these forms by visiting the ATO’s website.

How do I submit my Super Release Application?

Once you have gathered all the information and supporting documents, you can submit your application on the ATO Section of MyGov website. You will need to need to link ATO details to your MyGov site

It is important to remember that the application process can take a few weeks. Hence, it is advised to submit your application well prior to booking your surgery dates.

It’s important to note that tax will be taken out as soon as the funds are released. Anytime, you withdraw super funds, it will be taxed and counted as your assessable income in that financial year.

It is strongly advised to get financial advice regarding funding your surgery this way. Be notified that the money withdrawn will have an impact on your future retirement income.

Will my application for early release be approved?

Whether your application gets approved or not is dependent on factors including your financial situation. If you have applied for early release of super, make sure that your health condition meets the criteria defined for the compassionate fund release. It’s usually granted for surgeries that are necessary for medical reasons.

Moreover, it is important to realise that application approval will take anywhere between two to three weeks. Your fund provider will be responsible for the final say in whether your application gets approved for early release.

Supercare can assist you to access your super funds

If doing paperwork and dealing with the ATO sounds too hard or scary – there is a company called Supercare that can assist with paperwork and advise you for a Fee.

FAQs about using Super for Surgery

Can you use super to pay for surgery?

  • If you meet the strict criteria you can get super to pay for some types of Plastic Surgery and Weight Loss Surgery

Can I access my super for a medical procedure?

  • Yes you can if you meet the criteria and can demonstrate medical need.

How do I withdraw my super for medical reasons?

  • Start with the ATO website page on Early Release of Super or call Supercare.

How long does it take to release super for medical?

  • Typically around 2 to 3 weeks after you have made a successful application and have all the necessary paperwork

Further Reading and References about Early Release of Super for Surgery

ATO Website – Early Release of Super

ATO Website – Release of Super on Compassionate Grounds

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