Round vs Teardrop Implants – Choosing Best Breast Implant Shape

When you have Breast implant Surgery you have many Breast Implant options. Choosing the correct Breast Implant shape is vital to get the best possible breast implant surgery aesthetic results. Depending on your initial breast shape and your desired results – a round implant or a teardrop (anatomical) implant may be the best choice. Dr Scott Turner is a breast implant expert and Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Newcastle and Sydney NSW.

What are breast implants?

A breast implant is a medical prosthesis that is placed under the breast tissue to change the size, shape, and fullness of your breast. These implants might help you enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence. These can also be used for the reconstructive purpose in females with certain breast conditions such as, to correct congenital defects; chest wall deformities; or to restore a natural size following a mastectomy (in a Breast cancer).

There are 2 types of implants available for the procedure based on their filling – Silicone implants; and Saline implants. Most surgeons in Australia used silicone implants. These implants are filled with silicone gel. These implants provide a feel like natural breast tissue and have lesser chances of wrinkling. However, these can leak and spread into your breasts causing lumps, for which you may need to visit your surgeon regularly.

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water and are more likely to fold, or rupture, or deflate over time. However, these have the advantage over silicone implants in that in case of any leakage, the saline gets absorbed into your body and will be naturally expelled by your body.

Round Vs Teardrop (Anatomical) Implants

There are 2 different shape options available for breast implants-

  • Round implants (that are circular); and,
  • Anatomical implants (that are teardrop in shape)

Although the majority of surgeries are performed using round implants, the choice of shape may also vary on an individual basis for which you need to consult with your surgeon to decide on which particular implant you can use. Both shapes offer their own unique sets of advantages but that does not mean they will work for any and every woman.

1. Round Implants:

As the name suggests, round implants are round or circular in shape and can be filled with either saline or silicone. These implants are available in a number of sizes and profiles. These are more popular because they add fulness to both the upper and lower part of your breast. Also, these implants provide more lift and cleavage to your breast.

Round implants also provide a natural-looking teardrop shape when you stand up. Your breasts appear with a slope due to gravity. However, when you lie flat on your back, it gives a round look to your breast.

2. Teardrop Anatomical Implants:

Some women prefer anatomical implants which are oval in shape and provide a natural sloping appearance mimicking the teardrop shape. As with Round Implants, these can also be filled with either saline or silicone but these implants employ highly cohesive silicone gel that is firmer than the traditional silicone implants. This provides the advantage of a stable shape to your breast. These implants have a textured shell that is designed to prevent accidental rotation. However, this rotation can still occur which later may disrupt the symmetry of your breasts.

You need to consult with your surgeon to decide on which shape of implants suits your body build as well.

3. Combination Surgery – Implants with a Lift or Added Fat Transfer

Breast implants can reliably improve breast shape and size. However, these implants alone cannot correct sagging or drooping breast. If you also want to correct additional flaws in your appearance, you may need to consider combining Breast lift surgery along with breast implants.

Also known as Mastopexy, breast lift surgery involves reducing the excess skin in and around the breast and also the size of the areola (around the nipple), it provides a firmer look to your breast. This helps your breasts to look younger. You may want to combine breast lift surgery along with the use of breast implants to correct drooping or sagging breasts which may be resulting due to several reasons such as aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. In such a case, a breast augmentation procedure using an implant usually precedes the breast lift surgery.

How to choose between Round Implants and Teardrop Anatomical Implants

It is extremely important that you need to be confident about your goals and outcomes after proper consultation with your surgeon. Both the round implants and teardrop implants have their own unique sets of benefits to offer but you may also need to discuss their disadvantages as well.

Choosing a specific shape of breast implants might be a greater concern for you and that is why your surgeon is here to help you. It is during the consultation phase that your options will be discussed and you can choose between round implants or teardrop implants. You need to be clear about what it is about the appearance of your breasts that constantly bothers you. Even though you can opt between the two different shapes, sometimes it may be up to the surgeon to decide and advise on which particular shape to use, considering the various factors of your body build.

You might need to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of each shape.

Anatomical implants are versatile and have a lower risk of hardening your breast. However, these implants are more expensive and have a higher chance of rotation resulting in asymmetry of your breasts. Also, the risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma is higher due to the micro-textured surface these implants have.

Round implants, on the other hand, are cheaper, and being circular in shape these implants do not have rotation-related problems. These implants also have a lower risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma. However, these implants fail to address the laxity of the breast and are not generally firm in shape.

Book an appointment to talk to a specialist plastic surgeon and discuss your needs and expected results. Your surgeon can help you discover which shape works best for you.

Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the surgery to enhance breast size, shape, or fullness. Implants are inserted behind the chest muscle or breast tissue, which may be of saline or silicone. For most females, breast enlargement increases their confidence level and feminity. For others, it can help rebuild the breast under various conditions, such as breast cancer, a congenital defect, or to restore natural breast size following pregnancy or weight loss. It is equally important to know well before your surgery about the options available (round or anatomical implants), eligibility criteria, how the procedure is performed, recovery, and possible risks or complications associated with the surgery.

Breast augmentation might help you improve your self-confidence and enhance your appearance by maintaining the symmetry of your body. Choosing the right surgeon for the procedure is important not only to recognize your goals but also to achieve the best results of the surgery.

FAQs about Implant Shape

What is better: Round or Teardrop implants?

  • Both shapes have their own specific sets of pros and cons. Simply put in words, Round implants provide fullness to both the upper and lower part of your breast, are cheaper and it does not matter if the implant rotates since it is round in shape. While a teardrop implant gives you a natural look with a natural-looking slope to your breast, it has a higher risk of ALCL as compared to round implants and can create asymmetry if the implants rotate after surgery.
  • You may need to consider the overall body build (structure) of your body to decide which type best suits you. You should consult with your surgeon well before your surgery about your goals and the type of outcomes you desire to achieve the best results of your surgery.

Do Round Implants look bigger than Teardrop Implants?

  • Round implants do appear slightly bigger when compared to the anatomical implants with the same volume. This may be because of the wider diameter and circular shape that round implants offer. Round implants do provide fullness to both lower and higher portions in and around your breast tissue and hence seem bigger. However, anatomical implants, on the other hand, have a stable and consistent gel allowing firm shapes and a natural-looking slope. This makes teardrop implants seem smaller in size.

Can Round Implants look natural?

  • Round implants, when inserted by a specialised surgeon, provides a natural appearance with more cleavage to your breasts. Anatomical implants can make your breasts look more natural. However, round implants also assume a natural slope, due to the gravity, when you are in a standing position. When you lie on your back, these implants seem round.

Are Teardrop Implants more expensive?

  • Teardrop implants usually cost more than round implants. It is because of the complexity of and time required for teardrop surgery that their overall cost is expensive.

What does a Teardrop Breast Implant look like?

  • The teardrop breast implants usually have a firm shell filled with a highly consistent silicone gel that provides a stable shape to the implant. As compared to round implants, these implants are oval and have a natural-looking slope in them. These implants also have a textured shell to prevent them from accidental rotation, however, this rotation may still occur to some extent.

Are Teardrop implants safe?

  • There are some common risks for both implant shapes. The risks are also associated with the composition of the implants. Studies are suggesting that teardrop implants have a higher additional risk of ALCL- a type of blood cell cancer, than round implants. However, this occurs only in rarity. Other risks are observed in a similar way as that in round implants.

Which type of breast implants feels most natural?

  • Both round and teardrop implants feel natural. When it comes to feeling, implants filled with silicone are more natural than those containing saline. This is due to the consistency and stability that silicone has to offer.

Are all gummy bear implants Teardrop?

  • Teardrop implants are also called gummy bear implants because of the gel material’s soft but sturdy ability to retain its shape when cut into.

Is there a natural breast implant?

  • You may also opt for fat grafting- fat is collected from stubborn areas on the body such as the hips, thighs or tummy and grafted in the breast area with the goal to increase the breast size. This technique is typically only used to increase the breast size by half a cup size or a full cup size, depending on the patient.

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