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Guidelines for Teenage Cosmetic Patients

Teenagers who want cosmetic surgery may have to pass a psychological assessment before going under the knife.

The Medical Board of Australia also wants people seeking a procedure to undergo a mandatory cooling-off period before their operation.

Under the guidelines proposed by the board, there would be a seven-day waiting period for adults and a three-month cooling-off period before procedures for all patients under 18 years old.

Noting a “disturbing trend” of young people rushing into surgery while physically or emotionally unready to understand the risks, the guidelines would require patients under 18 to be assessed by a registered psychologist or psychiatrist.

At Northern Beaches Cosmetic Plastic Surgery all patients under the age of 18 are seen with a parent or guardian in a consult with Dr Turner to discuss the procedure in depth and the risks  associated and are then asked to be seen by a psychologist or psychiatrist. The patient can then come back after the 3 month cooling off period and subject to the psychological assessment and Dr turner’s examination, they can then proceed with surgery. For information about financing check out

To find out more information or to speak with a staff member regarding this, please contact the office on 1300 437 758 or send an email to


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