Post-Pregnancy Surgeries 

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Post-pregnancy surgeries refer to the surgeries that are often grouped together in hopes of gaining back a pre-pregnancy body. Rediscover your pre-pregnancy physique through a combination of Tummy, Breast and Labia Surgery. These procedures can address issues like diastasis recti, enhance abdominal firmness, rejuvenate breasts that have lost volume and elasticity, and decrease the size of the labia or clitoral hood. There are really no limits to which procedures you may include in your post-pregnancy surgery. Dr Scott Turner is a Sydney Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon with expertise in all procedures that contribute to post-pregnancy surgeries.

UPDATE – The Australian Government has reinstated a Medicare Item Number for a Tummy Tuck for some post-pregnancy patients with Diastasis Recti (Split Tummy Muscles) if you are eligible and meet the new criteria. The new Medicare item number is 30175 – effective 1st July 2022.

Pregnancy and the Female Body

The bliss of motherhood is unparalleled, yet the effect pregnancy can have on a woman’s body is incomparable. With each additional child, the likelihood of experiencing changes in your body only grows. This is why numerous mothers, upon completing their family planning, begin to consider rejuvenating plastic surgery procedures. These procedures are aimed at enhancing the appearance of both the abdomen and breasts.

As a mum, it’s probably hard to remember a time without your little ones. You probably do remember your pre-baby body though!

Modern plastic surgery boasts safety and a remarkably authentic appearance. From head to toe, there’s virtually nothing you can’t enhance. In today’s landscape, more mothers than ever are taking proactive steps to reclaim authority over their bodies and their appearance. Instead of concealing or grappling with insecurity, moms are embracing the option of seeking out the expertise of plastic surgeons.

What are Post-Pregnancy Procedures?

This range of surgeries is a completely customisable package of post-pregnancy procedures. It is a treatment plan that is created specifically for you, to meet your unique needs. Typically, these include procedures like breast augmentationbreast liftbreast reductiontummy tuckliposuction or labiaplasty.

Breast surgery is popular as the breasts are one of the parts of the body most affected by motherhood. A breast augmentation procedure is often done to restore the volume that is lost during breastfeeding. Some women also opt to have a breast lift or breast reduction to increase perkiness.

Excess body fat is often another major concern. Liposuction is a very popular option for eliminating stubborn areas of fat and enhancing your feminine shape. A tummy tuck is another option that is very popular with mums. This procedure will tighten your abdominal muscles, flatten your stomach, and reshape your waist.

During pregnancy, many women find that their labia become larger and expand in response to their changing hormones and pelvic pressure. Labiaplasty is a simple and safe procedure that will restore your natural vaginal shape.

Post-pregnancy procedures with Dr Turner

Some women opt to have two or three procedures done at one time, while others prefer to break it down into a couple of different sessions. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Having everything done at once can be more cost-efficient and reduce the amount of total time spent. On the other hand, having the procedures done over a couple of different sessions means that you can spread out the cost and may have a faster healing time.

When you meet with Dr Turner, he will work with you to create a customised treatment plan and explain the options that you have available to meet your goals.

Real Patient Images

mummy makeover before-and-after_breast-lift-and-tummy-tuck-surgery_Dr-Turner_Sydney

The information provided is for general purposes only, it is not intended to replace a professional consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. Invasive procedures carry inherent risks and potential complications which will be discussed in detail. Results vary and should be used only as a guide as every client is unique, which is why a second opinion is advisable. Learn more about the risks of plastic surgery at

Are these Procedures right for you?

Post-pregnancy procedures can be a good option for any mother who is in good general health and doesn’t plan to have more children.

The best way to familiarise yourself with your options is to meet with Dr Turner. At one of his busy practices in Sydney or Newcastle, he offers one-on-one consultations to discuss each possible procedure and work with you to create a customised treatment plan.

Dr Turner’s Post-Pregnancy Procedure Package

Dr Turner’s post-pregnancy combination procedures are completely individualised to meet your needs, a procedure package is then put together accordingly. Dr Turner and his team understand the extra support that a mother may require to take time out just for her and her aim to improve her appearance. Our staff are all available to provide any help she may need including arranging special times for consultations and follow-ups to fit in with the family.

This range of procedures are best performed once finished having children and when previous children are old enough that recovery time isn’t a huge ask, following the procedure.

Each patient’s recovery time will depend on the type of procedures performed. It is best to have at least 2-3 weeks off work as you will be in the hospital for the first 2-3 nights. Dr Turner’s patients will continue to improve over the next several weeks and your final results should be visible after about 6 months.

Dr Turner’s Post-Pregnancy Procedures are individualised to meet each mother’s needs and treatment plans are put together accordingly. The idea is to combine surgery on the breast and abdomen so that the final results are in harmony with one another.

These may include;

Breast Enhancement Surgeries Post-Pregnancy

Breast Augmentation

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is common for a woman to lose some breast volume, with the breasts appearing to look smaller and deflated. With the use of breast implants, the volume and more importantly the shape of the breast can be rejuvenated. At the same time, if the skin of the breast has been stretched and the nipple has gravitated lower on the breast, a breast lift can be added to improve skin looseness and nipple height to give a more youthful breast shape.

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Breast Lift – with or without Implants

If breast changes are more severe following pregnancy, then a breast lift may be the best procedure for you. The breast lift performed by Dr Turner will improve firmness without increasing the size of the breast. Dropping of the nipples can also be corrected. Fat grafting and/or breast augmentation combined with a breast lift surgery can also be appropriate.

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Breast Reduction

Some women find that their breasts have grown in size after surgery. This is quite common in women with large breasts.

A breast reduction will remove the excess breast tissue to reshape and lift the breasts as well. There are a variety of surgical approaches to this procedure so Dr Turner will work out the most appropriate for your needs.

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Body rejuvenation surgeries post-pregnancy 

Tummy Tuck

The effects of pregnancy can take a toll on the figure of every mum. The abdominal muscles and overlying skin are stretched by the growing baby leading to excess skin affected by stretch marks, often including separation of the underlying abdominal muscles below. With twin pregnancies and multiple births, these changes become more prominent, with mums unlikely to have complete recovery of their bodies after children. Many mothers find that after having children their abdomens have permanent changes – stretch marks, loss of abdominal muscle tone, flabby and excess skin, and fatty deposits.

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Many mums wish to remove stubborn abdominal fat that doesn’t go away after childbirth and want to know if liposuction alone can help them. The simple answer is if your underlying abdominal muscles are toned and have not separated, and your abdominal skin has been minimally affected by stretch marks then liposuction alone is the answer. Unfortunately, due to the effects of pregnancy, this is not the case for many women, so we often combine liposuction with a tummy tuck to recreate that slimmer more toned appearance.

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Unfortunately, having children not only can take a toll on your figure but can affect the appearance of your labia as well. During pregnancy, the labia enlarge in response to hormones and increased pelvic pressure of the growing baby. After the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding have returned to normal, like other areas affected by pregnancy, many women find that their Labia is often left stretched and is the last to return to what it was pre-baby.

As this is a very personal area of the body we want all of our prospective patients to know that there is a surgical procedure available which is a day-only procedure with little downtime yet excellent results. Women with enlarged labia are concerned due to visibility beneath tight-fitting clothing, discomfort, recurring rashes and a negative effect on their sex life. Recent media attention has empowered many women to realise that labiaplasty is an option, which has increased the demand for labiaplasty significantly.

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Post-Pregnancy FAQs

About Dr Turner’s Post-Pregnancy Procedures

Post-Pregnancy Surgery Suitability FAQs – Questions About being a candidate for these surgeries

Post-Pregnancy Recovery FAQs – Questions About Recovery from Surgery

Post-Pregnancy Procedure Results 

Why Choose Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Scott J Turner?

Dr Scott Turner is a highly experienced, fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon with current FRACS and ASPS memberships. He has spent a lifetime accumulating experience and qualifications in Breast, Body and Face Surgery.

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