Breast Lift with, or without Implants

Breast Lift by Dr Turner

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure aimed at lifting and reshaping sagging breasts to achieve a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance. It involves removing excess skin, tightening the surrounding tissue, and repositioning the nipple and areola to a higher position on the breast.

Breast sagging, or ptosis, can occur due to factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging, or genetics. A breast lift addresses sagging by elevating the breasts, improving their shape, and restoring a more youthful contour.

A breast lift alone focuses on lifting and reshaping the existing breast tissue without changing the size or volume significantly. However, if a person desires both a lift and an increase in breast size or fullness, combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation, or fat grafting may be a more suitable option.

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Breast Lift with Implants

A Breast lift with Implants is a dual procedure that involves a Lift and Augmentation, medically referred to as an Augmentation Mastopexy. Breast augmentation involves inserting implants to enhance the size, shape, and volume of the breasts. This procedure is separate from a breast lift, but performed together, achieves desirable, lifted, perky results. The breast lift will address sagging and reshape the breast, while breast implants will increase volume and enhance size in both the lower and upper poles. 

Why Get a Breast Lift with Dr Turner?

Getting a breast lift can provide multiple benefits, including elevating the breasts, improving firmness, raising the nipple position, reshaping the areola, enhancing breast symmetry, and reducing sagging. However, it’s important to note that a breast lift alone cannot increase breast volume. If you desire a larger cup size or more pronounced cleavage, additional measures are necessary. In such cases, options like breast implants or fat grafting can be considered to achieve the desired augmentation and enhance the overall appearance of the breasts.

What Can a Breast Lift Do For Me?

Breast lift surgery is one of Dr Scott Turner’s most commonly requested procedures and is often included as part of a post-pregnancy procedure. Some of the many benefits of breast lift surgery include:

• Restore breasts to a more youthful position
• Improve breast firmness
• Elevate the nipple and reshape the areola
• Improve breast symmetry
• Remove excess / stretched tissue from the bottom of the breast

The addition of breast implants or fat grafting compliments the lifted breasts to restore volume to the upper pole of the breast where a deficit is most present, thus enhancing the cleavage area. Breast implants due to their intrinsic firmness also give added shape to the breast then a breast lift can accomplish alone.

Although a Breast Lift with Implants is one of Dr Turner’s most popular procedures, we understand that not everyone likes the idea of having Breast Implants inserted due to pre-conceived ideas that they have a ‘fake’ look. An alternative, however, is Dr Turner’s Fat Grafting/Fat Transfer technique. Breast enhancement with fat transfer, makes use of your body’s own fat which is collected, treated, and reinjected. You can utilise unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat present in other parts of your body such as your thighs or abdomen to improve the shape and size of your breasts and improve your overall body contour at the same time.

Quick Facts About Breast Lift Surgery Without Implants

Anesthesia: General Anaesthesia
In/Outpatient: Day Surgery in Private Hospital
Length of surgery: 1-2 hours
Recovery: Most patients are back to work in approximately 7 days. They can resume light exercise at 4 weeks.
Results: Final results are seen within 3 – 6 months, and the duration of those results vary from one person to another

Quick Facts About Breast Lift Surgery With Implants

Anesthesia: General Anaesthesia
In/Outpatient: Day Surgery in Private Hospital
Length of surgery: 2-3 hours
Recovery: Most patients are back to work in approximately 7 – 10 days. They can resume light exercise at 4 weeks.
Results: Final results are seen within 3 – 6 months, and the duration of those results vary from one person to another

Am I Suitable For a Breast Lift Procedure?

The best candidates for breast lift surgery are those close to their ideal weight, in good health and non-smokers. Ideally, if there are plans to lose large amounts of weight, to give birth, or to breastfeed, the surgery will be deferred until after these events have occurred. This also applies if the patient is actively breastfeeding or pregnant.

Please note: Dr Turner does not perform breast lift surgery on current smokers – it is important that all patients undergoing breast reduction cease smoking or nicotine intake (including patches/gums) for at least 6 weeks pre and 3 months post-surgery.

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Things to Know Before Getting a Breast Lift:

Before making a decision about undergoing a breast lift or any cosmetic procedure, it is crucial to educate yourself and carefully consider all available options. One important aspect to contemplate is whether you plan on having more children. If you do or anticipate the possibility in the future, it is generally advisable to delay any cosmetic procedures. Similarly, if you have significant weight loss goals, it is recommended to achieve those goals before opting for any surgical procedure. It is essential to bear in mind that your body can still undergo changes even after plastic surgery. Pregnancy or substantial weight loss can potentially diminish the benefits achieved through your procedure.

What Sort of Breast Lift Incision Will I Need?

Many women desire a breast lift to rejuvenate their breasts and achieve a more youthful shape and cleavage. However, concerns about scarring which can often create hesitancy to undergo the procedure. Dr Turner understands these concerns and is committed to providing the best possible outcome with minimal scarring, utilising the latest techniques to help you attain your desired breast shape.

There are several skin incision patterns available for breast lift surgery, and the choice depends on factors such as the amount of skin to be removed, the required nipple lift, and the quality of the underlying breast tissue.

Dr Turner will carefully assess your unique situation and recommend the most appropriate incision pattern to achieve optimal results whilst trying to minimise visible scarring. 

The breast lift incision type used depends on:

  • The amount of skin that needs to be removed.
  • The distance the nipple needs to be lifted.
  • The amount of breast tissue which needs to be removed.

1. Circumvertical (Lollipop Lift) –Most Commonly used – Minimal Scar

Breast Lift and implants Surgery - Lollipop Breast Lift Scar
• Incision goes around the areola and vertically down the inferior aspect of the breast.
• This is the most common lift performed by Dr Turner performs as it gives the best shape and enhances projection of the breast, the scar surrounding the nipple often blends into the areola over-time.

2. Inverted T (Anchor Lift) – Wise pattern Suitable for breasts with excess skin or deflation

Breast Lift and Implants Surgery - Anchor Breast Lift Scar

• Incision around the nipple-areola complex, vertically down to the breast crease and horizontally along the breast fold.
• In patients with a significant amount of excess skin or very deflated breasts it is often necessary to add the extra scar to give an ideal breast shape.

While scars are permanent and are noticeable initially after surgery, with time as the scars mature, they fade and are barely perceptible. Dr Turner will advise you on scar treatments to lead you to the best scars possible, as well as offering complimentary Scar treatments post operatively including laser rejuvenation and skin needling. 

Do I Need Breast Implants With a Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery is a procedure that effectively improves the shape and firmness of sagging and deflated breasts. However, it’s important to note that a significant amount of skin is typically removed during the procedure, which can result in a smaller bra cup size for women with significant breast ptosis.

To enhance the cleavage area and address volume loss in the upper part of the breast, the addition of a breast implant is often recommended. Breast implants provide both volume and firmness, allowing for a more pronounced shape and improved cleavage compared to a breast lift alone.

For women with limited volume in the cleavage area, a breast lift alone may not achieve the desired enhancement. In such cases, a combination of breast lift and implants, known as augmentation mastopexy or breast lift with implants, is frequently recommended. This combined procedure helps achieve the desired enhanced cleavage while providing a fuller and rounder breast shape.

During your consultation, the plastic surgeon will assess your specific needs and goals, and based on factors such as breast ptosis, volume loss, and desired outcome, they will recommend the most suitable approach, which may involve a breast lift with or without the addition of breast implants.

Is a Breast Lift The Same as a Breast Reduction?

While a breast lift surgery alone can result in breasts appearing slightly smaller, it’s important to note that a breast lift is not the same as a breast reduction. The primary goal of a breast lift is to reshape and tighten the skin around the breast gland, while maintaining the existing volume. If you desire an increase in cup size, restoration of lost cleavage, or fullness in the upper part of the breast, considering a breast implant or fat transfer alongside the breast lift may be beneficial. 

By combining a breast lift with the addition of implants or fat grafting, you can improve both the overall shape and volume of your breasts. This combined procedure is commonly referred to as a Breast Lift with Implants or Breast Lift with Fat Grafting. The implants or fat transfer can help achieve your desired increase in cup size and enhance the fullness in the upper part of the breasts, resulting in a more balanced and satisfying outcome.

Recovering After Your Surgery

Following your surgery, Dr Turner will apply a specialised dressing to facilitate wound healing, which will remain in place for the initial three weeks post-surgery, unless Dr Turner’s nursing team decide to change this at your post-op appointments. When you wake up from surgery in the recovery room, you will have a compression garment on. It is important to wear this garment full time for the first six weeks to aid in wound healing and allow the new breast shape to settle.

In rare cases, it may be necessary to place drains in each breast to remove excess blood and fluids during the first day or two after surgery.

While at home, you can remove the garment for short periods of time and shower over the dressings after your first post-operative appointment.

Patients typically report minimal post-operative pain, which can be managed with oral medication. Dr. Turner will provide you with a prescription for pain management and antibiotics. It is advisable to arrange for someone to fill the prescription, drive you home, and take care of you during the initial days of recovery after your surgery.

Please note that post-operative care instructions may vary depending on individual circumstances, and it is essential to follow the specific guidance provided by Dr. Turner and his team for optimal recovery and healing.

After your breast lift surgery, it is recommended to gradually ease back into your normal activities. You may be able to return to work as early as one week after the procedure, and light exercise can typically be resumed at two weeks. By the six-week mark, most activities can be fully resumed.

Within the first week after your surgery, you will have an appointment with Dr Turner’s nurse to assess the healing of your wounds and review the results of your new breast shape. Throughout the first year of your recovery, Dr Turner will schedule regular follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, provide guidance on scar management, recommend appropriate garment usage, and advise on the resumption of normal activities.

It is crucial to adhere to all post-operative instructions provided by Dr Turner and his team in order to achieve the best possible final outcome.

Risks and Complications Associated With Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with breast lift surgery. While every effort is made to minimise these complications through the best medical care, it is still possible for them to occur. Dr Turner will ensure that you are fully informed about the potential risks during your consultation and will take all necessary precautions to mitigate them.

Medical References – Further Reading about Breast Lift

Your Consultation with Dr Scott Turner

Your breast lift with implants surgery consultation begins with a personal one-on-one consultation with Dr Turner at one of his Sydney clinics. Firstly, you are fully informed of the normal surgery process, plus possible complications. After a thorough history and discussion about your desires, Dr Turner will examine you to assess if you are a good surgical candidate. The initial consultation is the ideal time for all your questions about your surgery to be answered as you have to be sure this surgery is for you.

During the consultation, measurements are then made of your chest wall and breasts. We assess the quality of your breast skin, breast volume, your weight/height and routine pre-op photographs are taken. Finally, Dr Turner will provide you with a detailed discussion of which of the various techniques will be used during your breast lift surgery and whether a breast implant is required to achieve your goals.

During the consultations, you will have the opportunity to try the latest in 3D imaging technology to simulate your new breasts after breast lift surgery. The VECTRA 3D imaging technology provides women with a variety of options and allows them to visualise how a breast lift procedure can completely transform their appearance. It enables women to see how they look with a breast lift than the ability to add an implant to show the difference in cleavage and volume of the breast.

“Breast lift surgery has increased in popularity due to advances in minimal scar techniques and the safety & reliability of combining breast implants with a lift in one convenient procedure” – Dr Scott Turner, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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