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Whether it’s due to genetics, childbirth, weight fluctuations or ageing, the external genitalia may become a source of physical or emotional discomfort for many women. Labiaplasty surgery is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that has become an increasingly popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure performed in Australia over the last decade.

Who Is Labiaplasty Surgery For?

Labiaplasty surgery is an excellent procedure to assist women with;

•    Reduce pain and discomfort from enlarged labia minora
•    Reshape uneven or asymmetrical labia minora
•    Improve the appearance of the external genitalia
•    Improve comfort with tight-fitting clothing
•    Reduce discomfort with exercise
•    Reduce discomfort with sexual intercourse

Why get Dr Turner to Perform my Procedure?

Dr Turner has become one of Australia’s Leading Plastic Surgeon who performs Labiaplasty Surgery with patients seeking his expertise from all over Australia. With Labiaplasty Surgery being one of the most common procedures that Dr Turner performs on a weekly basis.

Dr Turner offers a range of procedures to improve the external genitalia;

•    Labia Minora Reduction – Latest Composite Technque
•    Clitoral Hood Reduction
•    Labia Majora Reduction or Augmentation (Fat Grafting)
•    Mons Pubis Reduction via liposuction or combined with a tummy tuck

To Learn more about this and Dr Turner see our Labiaplasty Specialist website

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