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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

In our practice breast reduction patients are our happiest patients.
Dr Scott Turner, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed worldwide and not only addresses the physical aspects of heavy and pendulous breasts but also a women’s aesthetic concerns to provides a more youthful, lifted breast with improved shape and symmetry. Many women describe their experience after breast reduction as life changing, with an improved self-confidence and wished they had undertaken the procedure many years before.

Quick Facts

Anesthesia: General Anaesthesia
In/Outpatient: Inpatient with overnight stay
Length of surgery: 3 – 4 hours
Recovery: Most patients are back to work in approximately 10 days. They can resume light exercise at 4 weeks and more high intensity exercise at 6-8 weeks.
Results: Final results are seen within 3 – 6 months, and the duration of those results vary from one person to another.


The impact on women with exceptionally large, disproportionate breast size can be quite debilitating both physically and emotionally. Women of all ages including teenagers, women after childbearing, and post-menopausal women have all sought breast reduction surgery.

Some of the many benefits of breast reduction surgery include:

• Reduce the size of the breasts
• Improve breast shape and symmetry
• Improve neck, back and shoulder discomfort
• Elevate the nipple and reshapes the areola
• Ability to fit into normal clothes
• Correct fitting of bras that are comfortable to wear
• Reduce irritation, chafing and infections under the breast
• Improve exercise tolerance and assist with weight loss activities

Am I Suitable?

The best candidates for breast reduction surgery are those close to their ideal weight, in good health, non-smokers and whose oversized breasts cause health problems, interfere with routine activities, self-conscious, or even disrupt sleep.

Please note: Dr Turner does not perform breast reduction surgery on current smokers – it is important that all patients undergoing breast reduction cease smoking or nicotine intake (including patches/gums) for at least 6 weeks pre / post- surgery.

Your Breast reduction consultation

Firstly, you are fully informed of the normal surgery process, plus possible complications. After a thorough history and discussion about your desires, Dr Turner will examine you to assess if you are a good surgical candidate. The initial consultation is the ideal time for all your questions about your surgery to be answered as you have to be sure this surgery is for you.

During the consultation measurements are then made of your chest wall and breasts. We assess the quality of your breast skin, breast volume, your weight / height and routine pre-op photographs are taken. Finally, Dr Turner will provide you with a detailed discussion of which of the various techniques will be used during your breast reduction surgery to achieve your goals.

Once your initial breast reduction consultation is completed, you’ll receive a quote from our friendly practice manager including your costs for your surgery, anaesthetic and hospital stay. Deposit details will also be provided so that you can confirm your surgery date once you’re ready to proceed. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a consent form and hospital admission paperwork to complete and will be guided and supported in the lead-up to your procedure date.


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