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Predicting 5 Top Cosmetic Procedures for 2017

Last year we saw the rising trend of lip fillers during the advent of the ‘Kylie Jenner’ obsessive generation. This time period is generally characterised by the impact of celebrities who ‘bare all’ about their physical modifications to allow cosmetic enhancement to step out of the shadows and onto the red carpet.

Consumers are now in a highly impressionable time, particularly teen and young adults who are overflowed with celebrity images via social media – thus the more they want to replicate the enhanced, retouched images that are passed off as reality,” – (Edwin Williams III, president, AAFPRS). In 2016 breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks and eyelid surgery still remained in the top 5 surgery procedures of 2016. So what are the predictions for 2017?

Fat Freezing

The body contouring industry is expected to double in the next six years (Turrill, 2017). The market is now getting flooded with cryolipolysis machines or better known to most people as ‘fat freezing’ as the below zero temperatures cause the fat cells to die and melt away. This non-surgical fat-reduction treatment uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. As the public tries to fight back against growing levels of obesity, cool sculpting helps get rid of unflattering features following weight loss.

Natural breast augmentation

Breast augmentation will most likely remain in the top 5 cosmetic surgeries for 2017. However, this year saw an increase in the number of requests received for smaller, low profile implants (Turrill, 2017) that create a far more natural and subtle enhancement. What you can expect from a Dr Turner appointment is a proper assessment in finding the perfect size that naturally suits your body shape.

Many women have lost breast shape or volume due to the process of ageing, breast-feeding or significant weight loss, while for other women they may simply have breasts that did not develop during puberty. This is why breast augmentation surgery has become the most common cosmetic surgery procedure that Dr Turner performs in his Sydney Clinics.

Double Chin Injections

In our last blog we introduced the Deoxycholic acid injections that is an FDA approved injectable solution that dissolves and melts away fat. With the millennials starting the ‘selfie’ generation, it is predicted to be popular in 2017 once it begins to overtake the market. An overwhelming 68% of doctors say they expect to have more male patients requesting work done on the chin or neck in 2016 (Real Self, 2016). With the promise of eliminating stubborn fat under the chin, this innovative product will revolutionise the cosmetic industry and bring back confidence to you and your selfies.


Liposuction is a very popular surgery and will most likely remain one of the top procedures in 2017. It removes stubborn, diet-resistant localised fatty deposits beneath the skin.Virtually any area of fat accumulation can be treated with liposuction to restore a slim, contoured profile and provide men or women with youthful, natural-looking results. This is one of Dr Turner’s most popular procedures.

Your cosmetic liposuction surgery consultation begins with a personal one on one consultation with Dr Turner at one of his Sydney clinics. Firstly you are fully informed of the normal surgery process, plus possible complications (quite rare). After discussing your medical history and procedure goals, Dr Scott Turner conducts a thorough examination to assess you as a good surgical candidate.

Ear folding

People are becoming more aware of how they look in photographs, with symmetry being an important factor that people believe in taking the perfect selfie. Traditional ear pinning procedures (Otoplasty) required the surgery to make an incision along the crease of the ear and sometimes removing excess cartilage. However, ear folding is a minimally invasive treatment for the correction of prominent ears – and is predicted to be popular in 2017.

Most of these surgeries are currently performed at Dr Turner’s clinics including Medispa Institute. If you’re interested in gaining more information of these cosmetic procedures, please contact us. 



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