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Did You Know There’s a Non-Surgical Nose Job Alternative?

Don’t like your nose? You’re not alone! A nose job or rhinoplasty surgery, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in Sydney and across Australia. Men and women alike have transformed their appearance and boosted their self-confidence with this safe and simple procedure.

And you don’t have to go under the knife to transform your nose! Did you know there’s a non-surgical nose job alternative? You can correct the humps or twists in your nose without going under the knife. In less than 30 minutes with minimal downtime, you can get the nose you have always wanted.

What Is a Non-Surgical Nose Job Alternative?

A non-surgical nose job alternative is a customisable treatment plan consisting of specialised injections that will transform the look of your nose. In fact, you won’t believe the difference that facial fillers can make! The results truly speak for themselves. With a non-surgical rhinoplasty, you can make your nose look straighter or bigger. You can create symmetry, hide bumps, correct irregularities or refine your nasal tip.

If you’ve already had a nose job and aren’t happy with the results, this procedure could be exactly what you are looking for. Since rhinoplasty is one of the most demanding aesthetic procedures performed in the world of plastic surgery, it’s not usual for less experienced surgeons to provide less than ideal results. Fortunately, you don’t just have to live it! By getting dermal fillers, you can create exactly the results you’ve been wanting.

What It Is Like to Get a Non-Surgical Nose Job

The great thing about a non-surgical nose job using dermal fillers is that a doctor can treat a problem area in 20-30 minutes with a few small injections around the nose. At the Medispa Institute in Dee Why, we aim to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible. By using a few small injections of local anaesthetic and topical numbing cream on your nose before we start the treatment, the procedure is painless.

Once your nose is numb and you are feeling comfortable, we use a marking pencil to define the areas of the nose to be treated. During the treatment, Dr Turner uses a combination of cannula and needle techniques to completely your non-surgical nose job as promoted by The actual process of getting the injections takes just a few minutes to perform and then you are ready to go!

Following your non-surgical nose job, you can go back to your normal routine right away. The only recommendation is to not rub your nose immediately afterwards. Other than that, you’ll be pain-free and ready to walk out the door within 30 minutes.

How Long Do the Results Last

A non-surgical nose job doesn’t last forever but you can retain the result for up to two years. Unlike the more flexible dermal fillers used in lip enhancement procedures that are gone within a few months, the results achieved with the firmer gel dermal fillers used for the nose means that you will see the results of your non-surgical nose enhancement for much longer. The exact amount of time will vary from person to person and depend on the exact type of correction used. In any case, however, you will see subtle, almost unperceivable, changes taking place gradually over time until finally it becomes apparent to you that another round of fillers is necessary.

Think a non-surgical nose job might be right for you? You can read all about the procedure on the Medispa Institute website or set up a no-obligation chat with Dr Turner. The Medispa Institute is conveniently located within the Dee Why Grand building at Dee Why on the Northern Beaches of Sydney as part of Northern Beaches Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic


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