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Plastic Surgery: How Three Celebrities Inspired Millions of Men

Think women are the only ones who care about their looks? Think again! While a lot of men out there are trying for the “effortlessly” cool look, they are nonetheless putting a lot of effort into their appearance. Between clean eating, logging hours at the gym, and reading up on fashion trends, guys today have definitely stepped up their game and check this out here:

One of the biggest trends for men these days is plastic surgery and, like so many fads, it all started out in Hollywood. Male celebrities have been getting cosmetic surgery for years and slowly but surely men everywhere are following suit. In fact, according to the stats for American plastic surgeons, male plastic surgery has increased a whopping 325 per cent since 1997.

Who Is Getting Plastic Surgery?

It’s not just American men who are getting plastic surgery. In my clinics in Newcastle and Sydney, I’ve seen a massive increase every single year in the number of Australian men who are looking for a change. And, why not? Cosmetic surgery today is better than ever before. Using cutting edge technologies, the results are unbelievably natural looking and the procedures are safer than ever before.

With every man I meet, I hear a new story. In many cases, my patients have dealt with a lifetime of insecurity over a particular part of their body. They start to hear more about plastic surgery and how much it’s advanced in recent years. Slowly but surely, they decide they are ready to bite the bullet and come talk about it.

The Faces Behind the Numbers

During the consultation, many men reveal that they’ve got some specific looks in mind. In my own experience, and according to plastic surgeons from around the world, men are often interested in stealing celebrity looks. The most requested facial features are the jawlines of Tom Brady, Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt. Another trending look is the newly popular and much-discussed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who seems to have many coveted features.

Why Men Get Cosmetic Surgery

Of course, while men want to look good, there’s more to the story. More than ever before, men are worried about how their looks affect their lives. For older men in the business world, a loss of youthful looks can feel like a hit to their career. Since we as a society have always traditionally equated things like a strong jawline with health, confidence and power, men are increasingly preoccupied with how an ageing appearance can cause them to look and feel less relevant in the world place.

Likewise, we’ve seen a surge in treatments like anti-wrinkle injections that can prevent premature ageing and dermal fillers that can restore a youthful volume while filling in wrinkles.

While some men are interested in turning back the clock, others have decided it’s time to deal with old issues. Many men- young, old, fat, thin- have dealt with excess breast tissue (so-called man boobs) for their entire lives and are ready for a change. Sound familiar? Maybe you are more concerned with your nose than your chest. Whatever your case may be, there’s a solution out there that will have you feeling and looking your best.

Getting Started

Women aren’t the only ones with options! If you want a change, go for it. The first step in getting started is setting up a one-to-one consultation. As one of Australia’s premier plastic surgeons, Dr Turner has thriving practices in both Newcastle and Sydney. He has changed the way that countless men look and feel about themselves and he can do the same for you!


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