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Instagram-Inspired Plastic Surgery: Trends to Watch

Over a lifetime, the average millennial will take over 25,000 selfies.

Even if you don’t take selfies, you’re likely to see a lot of yourself on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or other digital media over the course of your everyday life.

Given that we spend an average of over two hours every day on social media, it’s not that surprising that many of us will see more pictures of ourselves online this year than our great-grandparents saw in their entire lifetimes.

These photos often show us edited, idealized versions of what we could look like. Recently, many have turned to plastic surgery to make their real-life-selves a closer match to those online ideals.

I want to look like myself: how social media shapes plastic surgery

In the past, plastic surgery consultations were often shaped by pop stars and celebrities – the latest Kardashian sisters’ image or your favorite actor’s nose. Today, patients instead often come in with an edited photo of themselves as inspiration.

In the U.S., almost half (42%) of plastic surgeons say they regularly meet with patients who want to make themselves look better in photos.

This boom in image-inspired surgery can be empowering. Instead of emulating a pop-culture ideal, social-media inspired surgery can help many people look like more symmetrical, attractive version of themselves.

Selfies can be powerful tools for self-expression; they let us control the image of ourselves we present to the world.

This trend is also changing the types of procedure people want.

For example, in the past, nose jobs were the most common surgical requests. Today, many people want procedures which enhance their physical symmetry, making their bodies look like natural – and yet more symmetrical, enhanced – versions of themselves.

Many of these social-media inspired trends are less invasive: Breast Fat Grafting, Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Coolsculpting all need less recovery time, so patients who don’t have as much time to spend in recovery and the office have many more options available to them today.

How Influencers and Instagram Shape Our Perceptions of Beauty

The influence of social media on plastic surgery trends also makes it more important to take a close look at the role of online influencers in shaping our perceptions – both of what’s normal and of what’s possible.

Many online figures don’t reveal the intense retouching, filtering, and editing that also go into presenting their photos. They often don’t look anything like their online pictures in real life.

In a world where everyone has access to editing tools, all it takes is a few seconds of adjustment on Instagram, and we look like the polished, more perfect versions of ourselves.

But the reality is that almost no one looks exactly like their online self. When seeking plastic surgery, it’s important to keep in mind how online versions of reality can shape our perceptions of ideal beauty.

Feeling too eager to look like a photoshopped version of yourself or someone else can be unhealthy, especially if the photo in question represents an unobtainable ideal.

In other words, while our selfies and the accounts of online influences can be a powerful inspiration, it’s still important to stay on the same page with your surgeon about what’s attainable, and to remember that what is visible online doesn’t always match real-life appearances.

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