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Build your dream body for this summer with TruSculpt treatment series!

With the beach season less than two months away, the perfect time to get summer ready is now! Even these days, when everyone starts wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts, it’s natural that we want to feel confident and sexy in our own bodies. But sometimes, even with the right diet and proper exercise routine, it may be difficult to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat.

Don’t worry – we have a solution! If you haven’t heard yet, we have recently launched our TruSculpt treatments series. We are now offering TruSculpt Flex, TruSculpt ID and TruSculpt Body – and today, we’re going to talk about the differences between these treatments and which one of them is best suitable for your body type and your fitness goals.

TruSculpt Flex

Redefining Muscle Sculpting

If you’re all about that muscle gain, then TruSculpt Flex might be just right for you. This procedure can help you sculpt your body and build muscle tone. It’s been clinically proven that you will have an increase of up to 30% in your muscle mass after the treatment! Read more information here if you want to learn how you can sculpt your way to your perfect body with TruSculpt Flex.

TruSculpt ID

Personalised Body Sculpting

If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted, stubborn fat, TruSculpt ID is the way to go. This non-invasive procedure is ideal for targeting problem areas that are resistant to diet and exercise, such as your abdomen and flanks. The length of the treatment is very short, and it is quite relaxing. Read more here on what TruSculpt ID is all about. If you’re wondering why TruSculpt ID should be your treatment of choice, read our blog to find out why the famous Australian fitness celebrity Elle Macpherson is in love with this treatment.

TruSculpt Body

Perfect body sculpting solution

Finally, TruSculpt Body. The combination of TruSculpt ID & TruSculpt Flex is the body shaping procedure that pairs body sculpting and muscle sculpting to remove fat and rebuild muscle. TruBody is a personalised treatment experience that delivers superior, long-lasting results and helps you improve your appearance and confidence. TruSculpt body is a great choice if you want to decrease your waist and hip circumference and eliminate unwanted fat cells with a therapeutic and non-invasive treatment.


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