Always Choose a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Five reasons to choose a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

  1. Plastic Surgeons have been carefully selected who have the highest ethics and values to uphold this honourable speciality.
  2. Only plastic surgeons have dedicated long years in study and training to acquire their specialist qualifications.
  3. Plastic surgeons have a more comprehensive knowledge and view of the human body.
  4. Plastic surgeons have experience in a range of innovative surgical techniques for both reconstructive and cosmetic problems.
  5. Plastic surgeons are the pioneers in developing the latest cosmetic plastic surgery techniques.

Who is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon?

The term ‘Specialist Plastic Surgeon’ only applies to a recognised specialist surgeon who has successfully completed the intensive training program of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) in plastic surgery.

Only then can the qualified Plastic Surgeon become a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS).

Please avoid choosing any undertrained doctor, GP or Skin Doctor performing cosmetic surgery in their backroom clinic or day surgery. Many of them are not accredited to perform surgery in private hospitals.

Watch this video about the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and becoming a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

A WORD OF WARNING – Cosmetic Surgeons Vs Plastic Surgeons

In Australia, many doctors who describe themselves as cosmetic surgeons are NOT actually plastic surgeons. Currently just about anyone with a basic medical degree is allowed to perform cosmetic surgery. Many of these doctors have no formal surgical training. We strongly recommend you check the credentials of any other doctor who you are considering for cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Would You Trust Your Cosmetic Surgery to just any Doctor?

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Scott J Turner has undergone the rigorous Plastic and Reconstructive training program under the guidance of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), giving him comprehensive training in both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

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Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Watch this Video about choosing an ASAPS Surgeon

How to Check the Qualifications of Your Doctor or Surgeon

If in doubt about the qualifications of your surgeon visit the AHPRA website   or phone ASAPS – 1300 027 277 

Why Women get Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

For years, many of us have thought that women get plastic surgery for two key reasons: low self-esteem and the media. A recent study done by Drs Furnham and Levitas on British patients found that things aren’t so clear cut though. Echoing the results of similar studies, they found that increased exposure to the media didn’t actually increase the likelihood of a woman getting plastic surgery.

They also found that having low esteem didn’t increase a woman’s odds of having a procedure done. The average woman doesn’t just see a beautiful woman online and rush into the plastic surgeon. It is probably no surprise to learn that women are more complex than that! Ultimately, each woman is different and has a different set of reasons.

The Real Reasons Patients Choose to have Cosmetic Surgery

Deciding to get cosmetic surgery is a highly personal decision and it’s one choice that you definitely don’t want to jump into. To decide if you truly want cosmetic surgery, let’s look at some common reasons why real women choose to get plastic surgery and break down some of the myths out there.

1. Cosmetic Surgery Isn’t One Size Fits All

Another common misconception is that many women just show up at their plastic surgeon’s office saying that they want to look like their favourite celeb. However, according to doctors across Sydney, in cases where women do bring in photos, it’s just a talking point or source of inspiration. The goal of plastic surgery is never to copy a look.

A good cosmetic surgeon is going to be 100% focused on you. They are going to work with your unique body type and wishes. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing but, if you picture boob jobs as massive, oversized breasts, you aren’t alone. In truth, though, that is something a good plastic surgeon simply won’t do. Good cosmetic surgery is all about customisation and natural-looking results.

2. Sometimes It’s Not About Looks

One area that is often overlooked is cosmetic surgery for physical conditions. You may have heard that rhinoplasty, aka nose jobs, can fix an injury or improve your breathing and that is not the only type of cosmetic surgery that is used to correct medical conditions.

Tuberous breast asymmetry is another common condition that can be corrected with plastic surgery. Women with tuberous breast asymmetry may have a range of congenital breast deformities, including Poland Syndrome. This causes a breast asymmetry, that is out of the normal variations that every woman sees between her breasts.

Finally, labiaplasty is another incredible corrective procedure. Many women have inner labia that procedures beyond the outer labia, which can cause ongoing daily discomfort. Some women notice this during puberty while others see a change after pregnancy.

3. Restoring Your Looks

According to plastic surgeons around Australia, women often talk about wanting their old looks back. For some ladies, this means getting their pre-baby body back with procedures like Mummy Makeovers that restore the breasts, genitals, and stomach. Mummy Makeovers have surged in popularity over recent years and many women see it as a way to give themselves a little TLC after they become mothers.

Of course, others are looking for anti-ageing procedures to give them their youthful looks back. A lot of amazing developments have been happening in this area lately and it’s definitely something to watch. We’re not talking about your grandma’s facelift anymore! Looking through women’s before and after shots from facelifts and neck lifts is absolutely astonishing. The techniques are incredibly sophisticated now and you’d really never believed these ladies have had anything done.

4. Making a Choice

Deciding to get plastic surgery isn’t a decision you want to jump into. If you’re considering getting something done, the first step is to start educating yourself. Read up on risks, cost, downtime, and everything else that is involved. Once you feel like you are ready to take the next step, talk to a doctor. Get an in-depth view of your options then spend some time mulling it over.
Think you’re ready for the next step? Dr Turner is a renowned plastic surgeon with thriving practices in Sydney, Newcastle and Dee Why. He offers no-obligation info sessions where you can ask questions and learn about every aspect of your potential procedure.

How to Decide if Cosmetic Surgery is Right for You

Thinking about going under the knife? Cosmetic Surgery is a big decision and not one that you want to jump into without giving it some serious thought. So, how do you know if it’s a good option for you? Here are some essential steps to take before you decide if plastic surgery is right for you.

1: Ask Yourself Why

The first essential step in the process is to decide why you are considering getting plastic surgery. Are you doing it for yourself? Or for someone else? It is important to be completely honest with yourself here. Be realistic about how much the procedure will really change your life. Be honest about how much your looks truly impact your life. While a procedure can enhance your self-esteem and make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin, it won’t solve all of your problems. Plastic surgery is not a cure-all.

2: Take Your Time

The most important thing is to work through the process slowly. This is not a decision that you want to jump into over the course of a day or two. Take your time thoroughly considering all of your options and make sure that you are aware of each of your possible choices. Plastic surgery is a highly customisable procedure, and it is not simply a yes or no question. On top of deciding if plastic surgery is a good option for you, you will also want to make sure that you have decided on the right type of procedure for you.

Fortunately, there is a high tech solution now. Thanks to Vectra 3D software, you can see exactly what you are going to look like after your procedure. This incredible software will create a crystal clear 3D image of your potential future body for you to review and consider.

Dr Turner uses Vectra 3D software with each potential patient considering plastic surgery. During the quick and easy setup process, you will have six simultaneous photos taken of yourself. These pictures will create a three-dimensional image. The doctor can then display this on his computer and show you exactly how you would look after your procedure. It’s the perfect way to experiment with different shapes and sizes to decide what’s great for you.

3: Ask a Lot of Questions

When you are talking with your surgeon, don’t be shy! Ask any questions that cross your mind. Especially in this situation, there are no silly questions. Your doctor is there to answer any and every query that you may have. Gather all of the information from your doctor then spend time online reading up on different aspects of your procedure.

Ready to learn more? Schedule a no-commitment chat with Dr Turner. He will listen to all of your needs and concerns then review each and every option with you.

Dr Turner encourages all of his patients to bring in a prepared list of questions. Make notes on anything and everything that you’ve been reading. Take your time preparing and don’t be shy! Dr Turner is committed to working with you to ensure that you leave his office feeling confident you have made the right decision.


About Dr Scott Turner FRACS (Plas) – Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Scott Turner - Top Plastic Surgeon Sydney and Best plastic surgeon Newcastle

Dr Scott J Turner has spent a lifetime acquiring the qualifications, education, training, and hands-on surgical experience to perform superior cosmetic plastic surgery to give you natural, beautiful results and the improved sense of well-being you want. He is one of the top Specialist Plastic Surgeons with a Breast and Body Surgery focus in New South Wales.

Achieving this personal goal requires not only in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and refined surgical techniques but an ongoing commitment to learning the latest procedures around the world. This is why Dr Turner regularly attends both local and international surgeon meetings – discussing these advances with the leaders around the world in order to offer you the most natural, effective and safest surgical procedures. He is a committed board member of ASAPS – Australia Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Dr Turner and his highly trained staff will do everything to ensure that you are fully informed, while providing exceptional, world-class cosmetic plastic surgery, in a personal and caring environment.

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Making The Most Of Your Consultation

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