Why Dr Turner Prefers Mentor Implants

Benefits of Mentor Implants – Preferred by Top Plastic Surgeons in Sydney Australia

Have you been thinking of getting Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation?  then you may have heard of Motiva Implants and Mentor Implants, two of the best breast implant brands in Australia.

Dr Turner prefers the best implants and over the years, Motiva implants and Mentor implants have always provided outstanding results. These brands are considered the most reliable and modern and are trusted by plastic surgeons and women worldwide.

Dr Turner has used both implant brands extensively and now mostly prefers to use Mentor Implants in the majority of his patients. Over six million women have used MENTOR implants worldwide and are more than happy with the cosmetic results.

Different Breast implants are used to provide increased breast projection, fullness, and firmness. With all the different brand names, sizes, and shapes, you might get confused when considering breast implants

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What are Mentor Implants?

Mentor implants are one of the top breast implant brands available in Australia and are always a favourite choice for women and plastic surgeons alike. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing breast implants, Mentor has always provided outstanding results that offer uncomparable safety and longevity. Numerous studies have shown that women who have Mentor implants are extremely satisfied with the results. The implants come in a range of different shapes, types, textures, and sizes to fit every breast.

What are the different types of Mentor implants?

Mentor currently offers both silicone and saline breast implants in Australia, all approved for use in breast enhancement or reconstruction. Mentor offers two silicone implants (round and anatomical breast implant). Dr Turner will recommend your implant based on your desired look, your current breast anatomy and a number of other factors.

Types of Mentor Implants

The implants most commonly used by Dr Turner are

  • Mentor Silicone MemoryGel Xtra Round (moderate plus and high) – about 70% of his patients
  • Mentor Silicone CPG Anatomical – about 30% of his patients

After breast augmentation surgery, the most common goal is to get a bigger, rounder, and fuller natural-looking breast with more appeal. The shape of implants can differ from round to teardrop/anatomical. Round implants are preferred over teardrop implants as there is less occurrence of flip or rotate, thus avoiding surgical replacement and revision. For choosing the best implant, your body contour also plays a huge role.

Mentor Moderate Plus Silicone-Gel-Implants_Dr-Turner_Sydney

Mentor Silicone MemoryGel® Round Implants:

MemoryGel Breast Implants are available in a textured or smooth surface shell, as well as a variety of sizes and profiles to suit your body. Each silicone implant is filled with MENTOR’s proprietary cohesive gel, which keeps together evenly while mimicking breast tissue naturally given. These implants can be chosen from the moderate plus profile, high profile, and ultra high profile in a variety of different silicone gel firmness to achieve the desired results.

Dr Turner uses new MemoryGel Xtra (moderate plus and high profile) in the majority of his patients for ultimate shape.

These implants are manufactured from the latest generation of medical-grade silicone, and they come in various sizes, shapes, and projections. They come prefilled with the special MENTOR silicone gel, which is a uniquely formulated material designed to mimic the natural feel and consistency of normal breast tissue. This gel is neither liquid nor semi-liquid and is rather a cohesive gel manufactured to ensure suitable elasticity and maximum integrity. Two shapes of implants are available in Australia: the round implant and the anatomical implant.

Mentor Moderate Plus Mentor-Memory-Gel-Xtra-Implants Anatomical Shaped Implant Dr Turner Sydney

Mentor Silicone CPG® Anatomical Implants:

Mentor CPG anatomical resembles a normal breast in appearance. It has a teardrop shape with less projection in the upper poles and more projection in the lower poles. These are ideal for women who prefer a more natural appearance. This implant uses a unique cohesive gel that holds together evenly for a smooth, natural silhouette.

Choosing Mentor Round or Anatomical Shape

Depending on a combination of factors, Dr Turner will recommend an implant to give you your desired look. Your normal anatomy, breast shape, size, and other factors all play a role in choosing the correct implant for you. The key difference between the two implants is their shape. The round implant is, as the name suggests, round in shape, while the anatomical implant is teardrop-shaped; narrower at its upper pole and wider at the bottom. This implant greatly resembles the look of natural female breasts and your doctor might recommend it if it fits your desired look.

Are saline or silicone implants better?

About Mentor Saline implants:

Most top plastic surgeons in Australia, including Dr Turner, rarely use saline implants. The saline implants are filled with sterile saline water (water and salt), a solution that highly resembles our normal body fluids. The implants are delivered empty and contain no saline initially. Once your plastic surgeon puts them into place, they fill them with saline to reach the desired breast size. The filling tube is then removed, and the implant automatically seals itself. MENTOR saline implants are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and projections to fit every need.

Both the silicone and the saline implants have a silicone outer shell, however, the filling is different. Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel, while saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. Saline implants have the advantage of requiring a smaller circular incision since they are deflated initially during insertion. Filling the implants intraoperatively also allows the surgeon to adjust the size more freely during surgery.

About Mentor Silicone Implants

Silicone implants, on the other hand, give a softer, more natural feel that resembles that of normal breast tissue, all thanks to the cohesive gel that fills them. Moreover, there are several “firmness” options that you can choose from. Overall, silicone implants are considered safer and more durable than saline implants.

What are the benefits and advantages of a Mentor Breast Implant?

Mentor implants are popular for producing natural-looking and feeling breast augmentation outcomes. The implant filling feels very natural against native breast tissue, and the implant forms and projections strongly resemble the natural breast curve. The Mentor breast implant provides the following benefits:

  • Mentor implants use a unique gel that retains and gives a natural feel to breast tissue.
  • You can also choose from teardrop implants, with less projection in the upper poles and more projection in the lower poles. These are ideal for women who prefer a more natural appearance.
  • MENTOR implants provide one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. MENTOR promises a lifetime product replacement for confirmed rupture and compensation towards the surgical cost for capsular contracture(Baker III/IV), double capsule, or late-stage seroma.
  • MemoryGel® is a groundbreaking technology in breast implants
  • Unparalleled breast fullness and firmness, especially if you have a flat chest or breast atrophy after nursing.
  • A wide variety of implants to choose from according to your cosmetic goals and suitability
  • Excellent outcomes if used for breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery
  • Results are apparent almost immediately after surgery

MENTOR breast implants are currently the top choice for breast augmentation and are recommended by plastic surgeons worldwide to aesthetically enhance breast shape and size. MENTOR is an FDA-approved U.S. leader on implants for breast aesthetics.

Breast augmentation goals are different for everyone, and choosing the best type of implant is very critical. A MENTOR implant has been chosen by the top surgeons of the field as it delivers the best results after a breast augmentation surgery. After breast augmentation surgery, the most common goal is to get a bigger, rounder, and fuller breast with a better look. The shape of implants can differ from round to teardrop/anatomical. The round implants are more chosen over than teardrop as there is less occurrence of flip over and avoiding surgical replacement. Also, the rotation movement of implants under your breast won’t alter the breast shape. For choosing the best implant your body contour plays a huge role.

Who makes Mentor Implants?

Mentor is part of the respected Johnson & Johnson group of companies and is one of the most popular implant brands all around the globe. It has been the no. 1 choice among the top plastic surgeons. Mentor has 40 years of experience in manufacturing breast implants and they have been continuously improving their products over time.

The Mentor brand has delivered excellent results fulfilling every woman’s cosmetic goals with minimal complications and proven results.

Mentor is the U.S. leader on implants for breast aesthetics. MENTOR is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved company based in the United States with its headquarters located in Santa Barbara, California.

How long will a Mentor Implant last?

Although MENTOR breast implant does not come with an expiry date, they do have a limited lifespan. It is recommended to replace breast implants 10 to 20 years after the procedure,

Over time, the scar tissue around the implants can harden or calcify.  This condition called capsular contracture may cause pain and discomfort, and also change the breast’s appearance. The implants may need to be removed or replaced.

Mentor’s Commitment to Safety

The Health and satisfaction of patients are most important to the Mentor company. Mentor breast implants have the highest standards of quality. The safety and longevity of implants have been proved by long-term clinical trials, including three prospective clinical trials that followed patients for 10 years. Mentor products have high demand from all over the world because of their safety and providing results women want. Apart from safety and longevity MENTOR implants, in turn, offers one of the broadest warranty schemes in the field.

Mentor Implants FAQS – Questions about Implants by Mentor

Are Mentor implants better than Motiva implants?

Motiva implants have been in use in Australia since 2016, and soon after their debut in the market, they became one of the most commonly used implants by top plastic surgeons in the country. MOTIVA implants are top-of-the-line silicone breast implants manufactured with extremely high standards to ensure longevity and quality. That being said, the comparison between MOTIVA implants and MENTOR can be unfair to both implants, as they both truly are the best in the market. The choice between the two is not a matter of quality and rather depends on which one your surgeon thinks would deliver the specific desired outcome you’re asking for. All we can say is that in terms of implant quality, integrity, and durability, both MENTOR and MOTIVA implants deliver outstanding results.

How long do Mentor implants last?

Although there is no expiry date for MENTOR breast implants, they aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime. The average MENTOR  implants usually last for 10-20years. However, some may need early replacement. An  MRI is advised after 3 years of initial implants and then every 2  years to monitor the implant. There are early signs and symptoms to watch:implantsexclusivelyHardening: Many people develop capsular contracture or hardened scar tissue around one or both implants. This can cause tightness, pain, tenderness, and abnormal cosmetic change to the breast

  • Saline rupture
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Changes in sensation

Which type of Breast Implant is best?

There is no ideal formula for choosing the size of the implant. You should discuss your expectation with your surgeon to find out the best size for you.150-200cc is considered to be a small size while anything above 400 ccs is considered a large size implant. There are different factors to be considered before choosing the right breast implant size. Although many individuals state that they want the bigger size, the bigger size is not always better. It depends upon the body build of the women. You must discuss this with your surgeon to find out the correct implant size for you.

Where are Mentor implants made?

A mentor is a company based in the United States that manufactures and trades surgical cosmetic products to plastic surgeons. The headquarters of the organization is in Santa Barbara, California. They manufacture one of two silicone gel breast implants. The substance, called MemoryGel, was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 17, 2006.

Are Mentor implants safe?

Mentor implants use high-quality materials and constantly deliver the satisfaction of the patients over the 40 years. The efficacy and safety of Mentor implants are backed by long-term clinical data, including three prospective clinical trials following the patient for a decade. Mentor products have also gone through a series of stringent and rigorous testing to confirm quality and longevity. The material used in implants is reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and concluded that implants are safe and effective.

Does Mentor make textured implants?

Mentor implants can come in both textured or smooth surfaces. This comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to cope with the patient’s body. Mentor memory shape breast implants are made exclusively with a textured cell.

Are Mentor Implants smooth or textured?

MENTOR implants can come in both textured or smooth surfaces. This comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to cope with the patient’s body.MemoryGel Breast Implants are available in a textured or smooth surface shell and a variety of sizes and profiles to suit the patient’s body. Each silicone implant is filled with Mentor’s proprietary cohesive gel, which keeps together evenly while mimicking breast tissue naturally given. These implants can be chosen from the moderate plus profile, moderate plus profile extra, high profile, high profile extra, and ultra high profile.

Are Mentor breast implants linked to cancer?

No, many studies have shown that there is no risk of breast cancer associated with breast implants. Some other implants have been shown to cause Implant associated anaplastic B cell lymphoma (which is cancer of the breast).

Are Mentor Implants and Allergan Implants the same?

No, Mentor and Allergan are not the same companies. Both of these companies are implant manufacturers and make excellent implants. A mentor is a company based in the United States that manufactures and trades surgical cosmetic products to plastic surgeons. The headquarters of the organization is in Santa Barbara, California. They manufacture one of two silicone gel breast implants. While Allergan is a different company manufacturing implants for breast augmentation surgery

Have Mentor implants being recalled?

No, MENTOR implants are not being recalled from sale by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Earlier in 2019, U.S. Food and Drug Administration ordered a recall for a certain type of textured breast implant due to associated risk. The recalled products are mostly Allergan Natrelle Brand.

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Download the Mentor Sizing Matrix

Mentor Implants –Memory-Gel-and-Memory-Gel-Xtra-Smooth-Round-Sizing-Matrix

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