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An abdominoplasty is designed to create a well sculptured and beautiful torso that compliments your body shape
Dr Scott Turner, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Sometimes even with a rigorous diet and exercise regime you cannot achieve the flat and sculpted abdominal contours that you desire. Several changes occur during ageing and after life events such as pregnancy and weight fluctuation that may result in permanent and undesirable changes to your physique. Abdominal muscles may have stretched and weakened and an accumulation of fatty deposits and excess loose skin in the abdominal region may have occurred which are typically not responsive to diet or exercise.

An Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a procedure designed to reshape the entire torso, where the abdominal muscles are tightened back to their youthful position and excess skin and fatty tissue is removed to create a flat and toned tummy. Liposuction is required in almost all patients to add to refine and give that finishing touch to your tummy tuck.

Quick Facts

Anesthesia: General Anaesthesia
In/Outpatient: Inpatient
Length of surgery: 2-3 hours
Recovery: Most patients are back to work in approximately 10 – 14 days when swelling and bruising resolves. We advise our patients to avoid strenuous activity for 1 month.
Results: Final results are seen within 6 months, and the duration of those results vary from one person to another due to the quality of their skin, ageing and weight changes.


An abdominoplasty procedure (tummy tuck) is best suited for women and men alike, if you are healthy, in good physical shape and close to your ideal body weight (or a stable weight following major weight loss). If painstaking dieting and regular exercising haven’t helped you flatten a bulging stomach, or tighten loss skin that is covered in stretch marks, surgery may improve your overall appearance, so you can once again you can feel confident in form-fitting clothes and no longer hide your shape in loose fitting garments.

Some of the many benefits of abdominoplasty surgery include:

• Remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen
• Strengthen underlying abdominal muscles
• Improve contours of the torso
• Restore a smooth flat tummy
• Ability to fit into normal clothes
• Reduce irritation, chafing and infections in lower abdominal fold
• Improve exercise tolerance and assist with weight loss activities

Am I Suitable?

The best candidates for a tummy tuck are those close to their ideal weight, in good health, non-smokers and whose abdomen causes health problems, interfere with routine activities and make them feel self-conscious.

Please note: Dr Turner does not perform abdominoplasty surgery on current smokers or patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 – a healthy range is 20-25. It is important that all patients undergoing abdominoplasty cease smoking or nicotine intake (including patches/gums) for at least 6 weeks pre and 12 weeks post- surgery. To calculate your BMI you need to divide your weight (kg) by your height² (m²) – e.g. if your weight was 65kg and height 1.65m would be 24.

Your Tummy Tuck Consultation

Your cosmetic tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery consultation begins with a personal one on one consultation with Dr Turner at one of  his Sydney clinics. Firstly you are fully informed of the normal surgery process, plus any possible complications. We talk through your medical history and discuss your goals for the surgery. Dr Scott Turner conducts a thorough examination to assess skin tone, fat deposits and underlying abdominal muscle tone to determine your suitability.

A tummy tuck covers a spectrum of surgeries ranging from a mini tummy tuck procedure to a full body lift in patients that have lost a significant amount of weight, with liposuction an integral component of the procedure. Factors such as your abdominal contour (excess skin, fat deposits, muscle separation) and your individual preference will determine which technique/s are used to smooth and flatten your abdomen. During your consultation routine pre-op photographs are taken.


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