Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Newcastle & Sydney NSW by Dr Scott Turner

  • Do you want a smaller waist and fuller buttock…. that ideal feminine hourglass figure?
  • Would you like a better buttock contour?
  • A more appealing hip to waist ratio?

BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift is becoming an increasingly popular procedure throughout Australia and the world due to the influence of the Kardashian’s and social media deeming a flat rear end unattractive.

The Brazilian Butt Lift and Buttock or gluteal augmentation has been the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure over the last few years, with its unique ability to give a more toned and athletic appearance to your buttocks.

The gluteal augmentation procedure is designed to give you a smooth and toned appearance to your buttocks, this can add definition and volume to give the patient a beautiful, firm backside.

A flat, undefined posterior may be preventing you from having the voluptuous curves you’ve been desiring.
For many women, a shapely, prominent backside is impossible to obtain through diet and exercise. Improving the size and shape of the butt can enhance your appearance as well as your confidence. The Brazilian butt lift is designed to add volume and shape to the buttocks without using invasive silicone implants.

While silicon buttock implants have always been able to give that dramatic fullness and shape to the buttock they have been associated with high complication rates. With the latest advances in fat grafting techniques and liposuction technology, large volume fat grafting to the buttock has now become a safer and much more effective technique.

One of the many added benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift over traditional buttock implants is the combination of liposuction to enhance the surrounding body regions such as the abdomen, flanks, lower back and thighs. Once your own fat has been purified, it is then carefully re-injected back into your gluteal region to reshape, enhance and create that curvy youthful buttock shape.

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

This now-famous procedure is done in two parts. The first step in a Brazilian Butt Lift is liposuction. Fat is removed from the area around your butt to create a smooth contour and to gather the fat needed to enhance your backside. Of course, this is a completely customised procedure and not everyone has fat taken from the exact same spots. When you visit our clinic for a consultation, Dr Turner will chat with you about your ideal body shape to create the perfect treatment plan for you.

After your liposuction is complete, the fat is purified and refined then transferred back to your buttocks using microinjections. The best thing about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is that incredibly small amounts of fat can be injected into particular areas so you can create the exact shape and lift that you are looking for, in oppose to the more standardised shape of butt implants. With a Brazilian Butt, the fat injections are done all over your butt to create a nature look of fat that is evenly spaced out.

Three Options for Buttock or Gluteal Augmentation

There are three different ways you can enhance and reshape your buttocks

  1. Buttock Implants
  2. Buttock Lift
  3. Brazillian Butt Lift- this method involves fat transfer and is Dr Turner’s preferred option for gluteal augmentation

Each procedure has its advantages for certain types of patients depending on factors such as age, skin quality and body shape. The use of implants, while producing an aesthetically pleasing result, carries a higher risk of complications.
The gluteal augmentation by Brazilian Butt Lift typically takes between 2-3 hours and is usually day surgery only.

Swelling usually completely subsides after 3-4 weeks and you can expect to see and feel the final results within 6 weeks when the buttocks softens and begins to feel normal again. Full activity can be resumed 6-8 weeks after surgery, until then it is best to avoid exercise and vigorous activities.
For more information, please contact Dr Turner’s team

What Can A Brazilian Butt Lift Do For Me?

Many candidates are unhappy with their current buttock shape due to ageing, weight loss or have always desired to have a fuller buttock shape. Alternatively, you may have too much fat in your ‘love handles’ and lower back, – making it hard to define where your back ends and buttocks begins. This may make you a candidate for liposuction and buttock augmentation with fat grafting.

Some of the many benefits of Brazilian butt lift surgery include:

  • Improved firmness to the buttock
  • Increased volume
  • Improved shape and proportions
  • Elevate drooping lower buttock by adding volume to upper part of the buttock
  • Shape waist by removing excess fat via liposuction to create beautiful hourglass figure
  • Soft, natural looking result
  • No risk of implant related complications
  • Quicker recovery
  • Minimal scarring
  • A more natural appearance – The Brazilian butt lift uses the patient’s own fatty deposits to reshape the buttocks, resulting in a more natural appearance.
  • Less painful recovery – The Brazilian butt lift is less painful than butt implant surgery and is the smart choice for patients worried about painful and long recoveries.
  • Minimal scarring – The Brazilian butt lift produce minimal scars; women are able to wear bikinis without showing an evidence of this cosmetic procedure.
  • No implant-related complications – Complications from silicone implants include infection, displacement, visibility of the implant, leakage, ruptures and hardening of the implant. These complications are avoided with the Brazilian butt lift. Once fully healed, there are no future complications you need to worry about.
  • Rounder, larger buttocks – The Brazilian butt lift allows doctors to create larger, fuller buttocks than with silicone implants, while helping to slim down the areas where there was an excess of fat.

Are you suitable for Brazilian Butt Lift?

The best candidates for Brazilian butt lift surgery are those close to their ideal weight, in good health, realistic expectations about the results that can be achieved. They need to be non-smokers and who need shape and definition in there butt and have reserves of fat elsewhere on their body, namely abdomen, thighs or back.

NOTE: Dr Turner does not perform Brazilian butt lift surgery on current smokers – it is important that all patients undergoing cease smoking or nicotine intake (including patches/gums) for at least 6 weeks pre / post- surgery.

The key to being a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift is to have an adequate amount of fat in other areas of your body.

About Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian butt Lift surgery or gluteal reshaping is performed under general anaesthesia in a private hospital with the assistance of a qualified anaesthetist. The operation to take around four hours, you may be discharged the same day otherwise an overnight stay is required.
While there are many ways to enhance the shape of your buttock, like buttock implants, the Brazilian butt lift has now become the gold standard treatment due to improved shape and lower complication rates.

The Brazilian butt lift is a two-part surgery, During the second part of the surgery, the fat is washed and purified before transferred into syringes to be precisely reinjected back into the gluteal area. It is during this second stage that Dr Turner can selectively augment and reshape the buttock to give the ideal contour you desire.

Steps In A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Firstly, Dr Turner uses the BodyJet Evo water assisted liposuction technique to collect the fat using its gentle water assisted mechanism to maximize fat cell survival for transfer. By using the new LipoCollector 3, the fast and efficient processing of fat harvested during the liposuction procedure saves time and improves fat survival. fat is liposuctioned from areas of the body where it is in excess. Typically, areas like the thighs, flanks, lower back or abdomen are used to harvest the fat. The removal of fat from areas ‘around’ the buttocks is also important to enhance your new buttock shape.

Fat Transfer

Finally, the fat is transferred to syringes and transferred into the buttocks. This is done with careful consideration to achieve the ideal size and shape required. During transfer into the buttock, the fat is injected into multiple tunnels in very small volumes to give maximal chance of survival.
It is during this second stage that Dr Turner can selectively augment and reshape the buttock to give the ideal contour you desire.


The final result and size of the new butt will be visible after a full three months of healing.
Ideal candidates for a Brazilian butt lift have sagging but lack the desired butt volume
Many candidates are unhappy with their current buttock shape due to ageing, weight loss or have always desired to have a fuller buttock shape. Alternatively, you may have too much fat in your ‘love handles’ and lower back, – making it hard to define where your back ends and buttocks begins.

With a Brazilian butt lift procedure, you can combine the benefits of undergoing a liposuction procedure to target those problem areas as well as re-injecting the fat harvested to restore or enhance the shape, size and proportions of the buttock.

With a Brazilian butt lift, the concerns and risks associated with buttock implants, which are many are eliminated, to give you an attractive, natural and most importantly soft gluteal region.
By utilizing the latest liposuction and fat grafting techniques with the BodyJet Evo ‘water assisted liposuction’, Dr Turner is able to maximize the survival of the harvested fat transferred to the buttock region, to give you the maximal volume possible.

Buttock augmentation by using modern fat grafting techniques or Brazilian butt lift has now become the gold standard for gluteal reshaping. By using your own fat over a silicone implant we are able to carefully reshape the buttock, resulting in a much more natural looking and feeling appearance. With no visible scarring and none of the complications associated with silicone butt implants is a clear choice.

BBL vs Butt Implants

Prior to the Brazilian butt lift procedure, doctors used silicone implants to reshape the buttocks. These implants had a high rate of risks and complications, and the results often didn’t look natural. But the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery offers many benefits over silicone implants, including:

With a Brazilian butt lift we remove fat from areas of the body where it is more plentiful with a careful liposuction technique. This excess fat is then purified and re-injected it into your backside. This eliminates the concerns and risks associated with buttock implants.

Recovery After BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift

At the completion of your surgery, small dressings will be placed over the liposuction incisions and you will be placed in a surgical compression garment. The surgical garment will need to be worn for 6 weeks full time to assist with skin retraction and ensure a smooth contour without irregularities.
The most important part of recovery from the Brazilian butt lift procedure is to minimise sitting for three weeks following the procedure. Generally, some firmness and tightness may be felt in the buttocks but will gradually soften and feel normal over six weeks.
It is very important to avoid sitting on your buttocks as much as possible in the first few weeks after surgery. In order to take direct pressure off the bottom, you should sleep on your stomach or on your sides. When sitting, try to have your weight placed on your thighs, rather than your buttocks.

A compression garment is applied to the buttocks and at the liposuction sites to minimize swelling, preserve the transferred fat cells, and facilitate the best healing possible.
You will need to rest for several days and keep all pressure off your buttocks, which usually requires patients to rest on their stomachs. After a week, many patients can rest in a modified sitting position that keeps direct pressure off of the butt.
Results from buttock reshaping surgery are immediately apparent. However, the full effect can only be appreciated after several months, once swelling has gone. Fat-injected cases may need multiple treatments to achieve optimal results.

  • Most patients can go home after 1 – 2 hours after their surgery.
  • When you go home you will be given prescriptions to relieve pain and prophylactic antibiotics.
  • At 1 week after your Brazilian butt lift surgery you return to Dr Turner’s office and the areas treated with liposuction and the buttock are reviewed.
  • Here, you begin to see the results of your surgery despite some initial swelling. Dr Turner will tell you how to care for your wound and dressing.
  • Swelling normally takes up to 3 months to settle.
  • After one month, you should be able to resume all normal activities. Between two to three months, most major swelling should have subsided, and you will be able to view your final results.
  • Numbness may be present around the area treated with liposuction and will improve over 6 – 12 months.
  • The scar begins to fade after 6 months and may take 2 years to reach its final appearance.

You are able to take the garment off for short periods of time while at home and shower over the dressings.At 6 weeks after your liposuction procedure, we our nurse will treat the liposuction area with the VelaShape III to ensure even contour assist with healing. This may be repeated up to 3 times at monthly intervals.You can return to your normal activities at a slow and gradual pace. While recovery time will vary from patient to patient, you should plan for the following:

  • At least 1 week off work
  • No driving for 1 weeks
  • No moderate – high-intensity cardiovascular exercises for 4 weeks

Risks & Complications of Brazilian Butt Lift

As with any surgery, it is important that you are fully informed of the potential risks associated with Brazilian butt lift surgery. While all care is taken to minimize these complications, they may and do occur despite the best medical care.
It is important that you carefully read and understand the potential risks and they will be discussed in further detail when you have your consultation with Dr Turner.

Some risks are more likely to occur than others;

  • Postoperative infection
  • Numbness to the overlying skin
  • Bleeding or haematoma
  • Poor Scarring including keloid scars
  • Asymmetry with over or under correction
  • Skin irregularities, ripples or discolouration
  • Fat embolism which can be life threatening
  • Lumpiness or fat necrosis
  • Temporary or permanent pain
  • Damage to deeper structures / organs
  • Blood clots in legs or lungs
  • Revision surgery to correct or improve outcome

How much is a Brazilian Butt Lift in Newcastle or Sydney NSW? – prices & costs

All Surgery is customised for you and Dr Turner’s team will give you a package price for your surgery that will depend on the exact type of procedure you require, the hospital you choose and the length of your surgery & stay. It will include aftercare, follow-up and extra post-op services that you need.

After your initial consultation, you will be given your detailed quote. This will include the Surgeon’s fee, Anaesthetist fee, Surgical Assistant fee and the hospital fees.

For a rough guide or estimate of the price please contact Dr Turner’s team.

We can also provide information on Brazilian Butt Lift Payment Plans and medical finance, different methods of payment and whether funding by Medicare, Private Health Insurance or by Super withdrawal will be a possibility.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift surgery worth it?

The majority of patients report significant improvements in confidence & satisfaction with their new look, how they feel, as well as their general health. Most say they wished they had surgery years earlier. 

Realself reports a very high patient rating for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery being ‘Worth It’

How to find a top Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon in Newcastle or Sydney

For many patients, having cosmetic plastic surgery is a life-changing experience. There are many qualified specialist plastic surgeons, but it is always best to find one who is experienced in your procedure. 

Always find a reputable medical practitioner who can offer you a range of options and give you the best advice. Avoid choosing an undertrained doctor or so called “cosmetic surgeon”. See our blog on the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon and how to find the best surgeon.

Why Choose Dr Turner Plastic Surgeon?

Dr Scott Turner is a highly experienced, fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon with current FRACS and ASPS memberships. He has spent a lifetime accumulating the experience and qualifications in Breast, Body and Face Surgery.

You can fly overseas to find a cheaper surgeon in another country but not all Surgeons have the same experience or intensive training and testing qualifications.

Be sure you learn the differences between a Plastic Surgeon, a General Surgeon, a Dermatologist, a ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ or other types of Doctor that may perform your surgery.

Choosing a Specialist Plastic Surgeon means you are choosing an accredited recognised plastic surgeon that performs surgery in an accredited hospital.

Your Consultation With Dr Turner

Your brazilian butt lift consultation begins with a personal one on one consultation with Dr Turner at his Sydney clinic to discuss your operation, your expectations and your concerns.
During the consultation, Dr Turner will assess the quality of your skin and distribution of fat in the buttock region, as well as in the surrounding lower back, flank and thigh regions. It is important that patients undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift have enough fatty deposits elsewhere on the body for Dr Turner to transfer during the procedure. Not everyone is a candidate for buttock augmentation through fat grafting.

Dr Turner and his team will:

  • Review the liposuction surgery with you
  • Clearly discuss the potential risks of the procedure
  • Outline in detail how the surgery is performed
  • Explain what you can expect before, during, and after the procedure
  • Provide detailed cost and payment information
  • Answer all your questions

Pricing & Fees for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Costs associated with brazilian butt lift vary depending on many factors, such as the complexity of the procedure, time required in the operating theatre and level of health insurance coverage. This affects the cost of;

  • Private hospital fees
  • Anaesthetic fees
  • Surgeon fees

After your initial consultation, my staff will give you a quote of all costs associated with your procedure, which is inclusive of all fees – surgeon, anaesthetic, hospital, garment costs and all postoperative office visits.

Procedure Financing can be facilitated by Medical Finance like TLC – Total Lifestyle Credit if required.

Rise of The Brazilian Butt Lift Trend

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have left a generation of women longing for the perfect hourglass shape. In Sydney and around the planet, a growing number of ladies are dreaming of a more voluptuous figure and a bigger butt.
Years ago, the only option for enhancing your backside was butt implants. While they were definitely able to add volume, they often created an exaggerated look that didn’t always appear natural. Fortunately, the process has evolved and, in recent years, a procedure called a Brazilian Butt Lift has surged in popularity.
This incredible procedure allows women to completely customise the look of their buttocks without having to use synthetic implants. Rather than using manmade materials to add volume, a Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own body fat to safely create a perky and prominent look.

Why We Love Brazilian Butt Lifts

Brazilian Butt Lifts are essentially fat transfers, which are one of the biggest trends in plastic surgery today. Doctors and patients alike love fat transfers because they create amazing natural looking results that can be customised to each women’s preferences. Like breast enhancement, it’s not all about size. Brazilian Butt Lifts have been designed to not only add volume but to enhance the lift and shape of your butt.
By using your body’s own fat, you can sculpt your dream shape by removing fat from where you don’t want it and putting it exactly where you do want it. Needless to say, this just isn’t something that can be achieved with diet and exercise. Best of all, Brazilian Butt Lifts are completely natural looking. Because you are simply adding more fat to the existing fat on your rear end, there is no way for people to tell that you have had plastic surgery.

What To Expect After A Brazilian Butt Lift

The majority of women take approximately ten days off of work to recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift. The amount of discomfort varies depending on the amount of fat that has been moved but the majority of women report feeling a general tenderness and soreness rather than pain. This lasts for anywhere from two days to one week and can typically be treated with a standard over-the-counter pain reliever. During the healing process, you will need to take a few extra precautions which Dr Turner will advise you on before you go home. After approximately six months, all of the swelling will have subsided and you will be able to see the full results of your Brazilian Butt Lift.

Dr Scott Turner






About Dr Scott Turner – Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Turner FRACS (Plas) has spent a lifetime acquiring the qualifications, education, training, and hands-on surgical experience to perform superior cosmetic plastic surgery to give you natural, beautiful results and an improved sense of well-being and confidence.

“Buttock augmentation with your body’s natural fat or Brazilian Butt Lift has now become the gold standard for gluteal reshaping”

Dr Scott Turner, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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