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Breast Surgery can help add or reduce the volume or just lift the breast. A breast implant or fat grafting can be used to improve shape, firmness and enhanced body proportions. Some patients seek a breast reduction or lift for a breast that is either too large or has sagged over time to create a more rejuvenated and youthful breast shape.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Scott Turner understands how important your breasts are to your self-image and takes the time to formulate a customised surgical plan that is just right for you. That is why Dr Turner offers you the very finest in breast aesthetics – from an assessment with the latest Vectra 3D imaging technologies, the best breast implant selection and top surgical techniques, to your long-term follow-up. Our aim is to make the whole breast surgery experience a positive one.

Cosmetic breast surgery has become the main focus of Dr Turner’s clinic, so you can rest assured, that whether you are after breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction or breast implant surgery, we offer Sydney’s most comprehensive and professional service.

What is Breast Surgery?

Breast surgery refers to a group of procedures aimed at enhancing the appearance of your breasts, correcting breast deformities, or reconstructing your breasts after surgical removal. The type of surgery that your breast surgeon will perform will depend on your condition, body type, and aesthetic goals.

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The information provided is for general purposes only, it is not intended to replace a professional consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. Invasive procedures carry inherent risks and potential complications which will be discussed in detail. Results vary and should be used only as a guide as every client is unique, which is why a second opinion is advisable. Learn more about the risks of plastic surgery at

Am I Suitable for Breast Surgery?

To ensure that you will receive the best breast surgery, your breast surgeon will assess your condition, health history, amount of breast tissue, lifestyle, and desired cosmetic goals during your consultation. In general, you are a good candidate for breast surgery if:

  • You are in good overall health.
  • You don’t have a bleeding or clotting disorder.
  • You have breast sagging due to ageing, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss.
  • You have complications associated with primary breast surgery.
  • You have a good amount of breast tissue.
  • You have inverted nipples.
  • You have overly large breasts that cause skin irritation, redness, infection, back pain, headaches, and other discomforts.
  • You have realistic expectations regarding the procedure.
  • You want to replace your breast implants.
  • Your breasts are too small or underdeveloped
  • You’re willing to commit to a healthy lifestyle after surgery.
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What are the Benefits of having a Breast Procedure

If performed by a top specialist plastic surgeon, a breast surgical procedure can offer the following benefits:

  • Breast contour that is in proportion with the rest of your body
  • Improved body posture
  • Improved breast appearance
  • Lower risk of skin irritation, infection, and other physical discomforts
  • More clothing options

The following are the well-known breast procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation: This surgical procedure makes use of breast implants to enlarge your breasts.
  • Breast Lift: This procedure involves reshaping and lifting your breast by removing excess skin and fat.
  • Breast Reduction: This procedure involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and breast tissue to achieve a breast contour that is in proportion with your body.
  • Breast implant revision surgery: The surgery is done to replace your old, aging implants.
  • Breast implant removal: This surgical procedure is performed to correct complications of your primary breast augmentation.
  • Inverted Nipple Correction: This procedure reshapes your areola and nipple so that the nipple comes out from your breast.
  • Post-Pregnancy surgery: This is a combination of procedures aimed at improving the appearance of your breasts and abdomen after pregnancy.

Recovery after Breast Surgery

It is important to keep in mind that the recovery time after a breast procedure may vary from patient to patient. Some patients may require shorter downtime while others will take several weeks to recover. The length of your recovery will greatly depend on several factors such as the extent and type of your surgery, your healing ability, your body type, and your treatment goals. Immediately after your surgery, you may experience soreness, bruising, and pain on your surgical site. These discomforts can be alleviated by taking pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. To support your healing breasts, you may need to wear a support bra or compression garments. In addition, you will be advised to prevent strenuous exercise and activities to avoid tension on your suture lines.

What are the risks of a Breast Procedure?

All surgery has risks. Dr Turner will explain the risks of surgery during your consult and informed consent process. For more information visit the risks of surgery page – risks associated with the procedure:

FAQs about Breast Procedures

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Next Steps

Always Do Your Research

  • Enquire to find out more about your surgery
  • Please read our website to learn more about your intended procedure

Do you need a Medical Referral to see Dr Turner?

  • A GP Referral is required to Consult with Dr Turner (under new AHPRA Regulations)
  • Please obtain a referral from your GP or Specialist if you want a consultation for an MBS item number surgery.
  • Please note that your Medicare Rebates will NOT be claimable without a valid recent Medical Referral

Making The Most Of Your Consultation

  • Please arrive slightly early for your in-person consultation
  • You are welcome to bring a friend or relative to help consider the information and discuss your options
  • Please be aware you may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothes
  • Ensure you also take a lot of notes during the consultation and thoroughly examine all the documents provided

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