Breast Implant Options Sydney NSW

Breast Implant Options & Choices for Breast Implant Surgery in Newcastle & Sydney NSW

Breast Implants are commonly used for breast augmentation, breast implant revision surgery and breast lift with implants surgery. This page covers in detail the many different breast implant options you have.

There are many different options for your breast implants including your choice of Brand, Size, Shape, Projection, Surface Texture as well as Incision and Placement Location.

As one of Sydney’s most sought-after Specialist Plastic Surgeon and Breast Implant expert, Dr Scott Turner will work with you to achieve the most attractive and natural-looking results possible.

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Breast Implant Brands

Dr Turner chooses to use only the best quality breast implants in Australia – provided by Mentor & Motiva.

Prior to your breast augmentation surgery, it’s essential that you have a clear understanding of the procedure and are confident in your decision. To help you choose, you can get hands-on to touch and feel the breast implants, so you have a better idea of what they will be like on your body.

Having used both Motiva and Mentor, find out more about why Dr Turner prefers Motiva Implants.

Breast Implant options by Dr Scott Turner - Sydney - Top Breast Implant Surgeon NSW

Your Breast Implants Options Sydney NSW

Breast implants have advanced significantly since the early days of runny, liquid silicone or saline breast implants. Most surgeons and patients now prefer modern Silicone gel Breast Implants.

Combined with improved surgical techniques, the refinements in the composition of the inner silicone gel with more resilient outer implant shell have made breast augmentation surgery safer with more reliable and natural results.

Before having a breast augmentation, you’ll need to consider the following factors.

1. SIZE – What’s the Right Breast Implant Size?

Tissue-Based Planning

Accurate measurements of your breasts, including width, height, volume, nipple position and skin elasticity are recorded. Next an analysis of your chest wall shape and the breast-torso ratio is performed to determine the dimensions of the breast implant that best suits your body shape.

Breast Implant Sizing System

With our dedicated Implant Sizing System, we can simulate what your augmented breast will look like in clothing. By utilizing a series of unique implant sizers that fit over the natural breast, we can accurately estimate the volume of your ideal breast implant size.

3D Computer Imaging

With the latest VECTRA 3D camera system, we can preview what your breasts may look like after surgery with different sizes and shaped breast implants. Thus, giving you ultimate control and confidence that your breast implant selection is right for you.

One of the most important aspects for women seeking breast augmentation is choosing the correct breast implant volume to achieve their desires. Dr Turner will guide you through this difficult and often confusing process. During your consultation, Dr Turner will help choose a breast implant that suits your breast, rather than making your breast fit an inappropriate implant with the potential long-term complications that result from this. There are a number of tools that Dr Turner utilises to assist with this process.

Breast Implant Australia Dr Scott Turner Leading Plastic Surgeon Sydney

2. SHAPE – What’s the Right Implant Shape?

Women come in all shapes and sizes and so do their breasts. With this in mind, it only makes sense to have different breast implant shapes. During your consultation with Dr Turner, we will show you both round and anatomical (teardrop) breast implants and make a recommendation on the best options for you.

Round Breast Implants

Round breast implants continue to be the most widely used breast implants worldwide. It is a common misconception that round breast implants are only used to give an augmented or fake cleavage and so women seeking a natural or subtle breast augmentation should choose an anatomical implant. However, with the latest, next-generation round implants placed correctly, they can achieve similar results to anatomical breast implants without the fear of implant rotation.

Breast Implant Australia Dr Scott Turner Leading Plastic Surgeon Sydney

Some of the benefits of a round breast implant are:

•  Can achieve a natural breast shape with softer silicone gel breast implants
•  Can achieve a fuller cleavage / upper poles with firmer silicone gel breast implants
•  Lower revision rate due to a decreased risk of breast implant rotation and avoidance of high textured surfaces

Anatomical Breast Implants

Anatomical breast implants have been very popular over the last few decades due to its natural-looking teardrop shape. These implants achieve excellent cosmetic results, with a very natural breast shape and subtle breast cleavage.

Breast Implant Australia boob job Dr Scott Turner Leading Plastic Surgeon Sydney

Some of the benefits of anatomical breast implants are:

•  Good correction of mild breast ptosis post breastfeeding
•  Good correction of tuberous breast lower pole deficiency
•  Achieve natural breast shape with subtle cleavage

3. TEXTURE – What’s the Right Breast Implant Surface Texture?

While breast implants may be either silicone or saline to give the implant volume, they all have an outer shell made of silicone. Now traditionally over the last 50 years of breast augmentation surgery we have classified the shell of the breast implant as either;

•  Smooth Breast Implants
•  Textured Breast Implants
•  Polyurethane Breast Implants

Breast Implant Australia boob job Dr Scott Turner Leading Plastic Surgeon Sydney

However, as with all areas of medicine, breast augmentation has advanced and so this classification is now too simplistic and needs updating.

Over the last 5-10 years, there have been some controversies surrounding breast implants that have caused confusion and panic. Some types of breast implants have been associated with the development of a very rare form of lymphoma called ALCL – Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. It is important to highlight that this is very rare – with only 500-600 patients reported worldwide with an estimated 40+ million women with breast implants.

While the research in understanding this relatively new condition is early, there are some factors that seem to be relevant. Firstly, the surface of a breast implant has a strong impact on the development of this rare cancer. It is strongly associated with rough, highly texturized breast implants such as salt loss reduction and polyurethane surfaces. While smooth or very low texturized (nano-texturized) implants have not been formally linked and micro-texturized implants rarely associated.

How do we now classify breast implants?

•  Surface Roughness
•  Surface Area

Dr Turner now only uses either nano-textured (Motiva) or micro-textured (Mentor) breast implants with low surface roughness as these have been shown to be the safest implants available on the market worldwide.

4. INCISION – What’s the Right Incision position?

To perform a breast augmentation, a small incision is required to allow the placement of the breast implant. The incisions are made in inconspicuous places to minimize scar visibility and there are 3 common incision locations;

Breast Implant Australia boob job Dr Scott Turner Leading Plastic Surgeon Sydney

Inframammary Fold (IMF)

This incision in the breast fold, so while standing and in clothes, the scar is well hidden but may be visible when you are lying down.


This incision takes place around the areolar, allowing scars to often be concealed by the shape and colour of your areola.


This incision will be through the armpit, which means no physical scaring will take place on the breast itself. However, the scar will be visible when your arm is elevated.

It is Dr Turner’s preference is to use an inframammary fold incision as it provides optimal exposure to the underlying breast tissue and pectoralis muscle to allow accurate and safe placement of the breast implant for predictable and reproducible results.

To minimise revision surgery from complications such as capsular contraction, it has been shown that the inframammary fold incision is the best option for implants. Contamination of the breast implant with bacteria during surgery has been shown to be one of the major factors in the development of capsular contraction. This contamination is increased with both the periareolar and transaxillary incision locations and so are now not recommended. To further reduce the risk of contamination during surgery, Dr Turner will use IV antibiotics, breast pocket irrigation with betadine, nipple shields and either a skin barrier protection sheet or introduction sleeve for no-touch technique.

5. PLACEMENT – What’s the Right Breast Implant Location?

The breast implant can be placed either in front of the pectoralis muscle under the breast gland or behind both the breast gland and pectoralis muscle

Subglandular Placement – Subfascial or Over the Muscle placement

Also known as subfascial, if you have enough soft tissue coverage around your cleavage area, this placement will likely be the best option for implant. The breast implant will be placed between the breast tissue and the pectoralis muscle.

Breast Augmentation Australia boob job Dr Scott Turner Leading Plastic Surgeon Sydney

Some of the benefits of sub-glandular placement are:
•   Rapid recovery
•   Enhanced breast cleavage
•   Reduced lateral malposition (widening of cleavage)
•   Improved shape with constricted breast or breast ptosis
•   Minimal risk of breast animation

Dual Plane Placement – Submuscular or Under the Muscle placement

Also known as submuscular/subpectoral, this involves the breast implant is placed between the rib cage and pectoralis muscle. With the customized dual plane technique, it’s only the upper half of the breast implant is behind the pectoralis muscle and the lower half of the implant is directly behind the breast tissue. It is the ideal choice in women who have thin or very little breast tissue, as the muscle enhances coverage of the upper area of the breast implant.


Some of the benefits of dual plane placement are:
•   Natural upper pole of the breast
•   Reduced dropping (inferior malposition)
•   Less interference with breast imaging (mammogram)
•   Reduced visibility, palpability and rippling

Read more about Best Breast Implant Placement – Over the Muscle, Under the Muscle or Dual Plane?

Safer Implantation Using a Keller Funnel for Breast Implant Surgery

The Keller Funnel 2 is a sterile, cone-shaped device, which is the latest innovation in breast augmentation surgery allowing a ‘No Touch’ technique to place the breast implant into the surgical pocket during the breast augmentation procedure. This is part of the ’14 point plan’ for Breast Implant Surgery adopted by many top plastic surgeons.

Benefits of the Keller Funnel are:

  • Reduced risk of bacterial contamination of the breast implant during placement
  • Reduced risk of capsular contraction
  • Reduced risk of revision procedures
  • Hydrophilic coating of the Keller Funnel allows effortless placement of the breast implant into the breast pocket
  • Reduces trauma to the implant shell and inner gel core
  • Reduces risk of implant rupture with improved longevity
  • Smaller incision length – a shorter scar
  • Aids accurate orientation of anatomical shaped implants
  • Less bruising and discomfort post-operatively

With modern form-stable silicone breast implants, they usually require a longer incision and forceful insertion than older soft saline implants.

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Your Breast Implant Surgery Consultation with Dr Turner

Your breast implant surgery consultation begins with a personal one-on-one consultation with Dr Turner at one of his Sydney or Newcastle clinics. Firstly, you are fully informed of the normal surgery process, plus possible complications. After a thorough history and discussion about your desires, Dr Turner will examine you to assess if you are a good surgical candidate to undergo breast augmentation surgery. During the consultation, measurements are then made of your chest wall and breasts. We assess the quality of your breast skin, adequacy of breast volume, nipple position and routine pre-op photographs are taken.

Dr Turner understands that every woman is unique in both her desires and body shape. Dr Turner will expertly guide you through the selection of your breast implants. It is extremely important to precisely match the implant shape, size and placement that will complement your natural body shape to give you the results that you desire.

Dr Turner & his Staff will

• Review the different breast augmentation procedure options with you
• Clearly discuss the potential risks of the procedure
• Outline in detail how the surgery is performed
• Explain what you can expect before, during, and after the procedure
• Provide detailed cost and payment information
• Answer all your questions

About Dr Scott Turner FRACS (Plas) – Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Scott Turner - Top Plastic Surgeon Sydney and Best plastic surgeon Newcastle

Dr Scott J Turner has spent a lifetime acquiring the qualifications, education, training, and hands-on surgical experience to perform superior cosmetic plastic surgery to give you natural, beautiful results and the improved sense of well-being you want. He is one of the top Specialist Plastic Surgeons with a Breast and Body Surgery focus in New South Wales.

Achieving this personal goal requires not only in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and refined surgical techniques but an ongoing commitment to learning the latest procedures around the world. This is why Dr Turner regularly attends both local and international surgeon meetings – discussing these advances with the leaders around the world in order to offer you the most natural, effective and safest surgical procedures. He is a committed board member of ASAPS – Australia Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Dr Turner and his highly trained staff will do everything to ensure that you are fully informed, while providing exceptional, world-class cosmetic plastic surgery, in a personal and caring environment.

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Making The Most Of Your Consultation

  • Please arrive slightly early for your in-person consultation with Dr Scott
  • You are welcome to bring a friend or relative to help consider the information and discuss your options
  • Please be aware you may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothes
  • Ensure you also take a lot of notes during the consultation and thoroughly examine all the documents provided

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