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Most patients after a can go home the same day.


Most women require 7-10 days off work and can resume all normal activities by 6 weeks. After 3 to 5 days you should be able to normal activities at home and can commence light exercise at 2 weeks.


Due to the removal of excess skin and a small amount of underlying fatty tissue the breast can be sometimes a little smaller in a bra at the sacrifices of lifted / rejuvenated breast shape. If this is a concern than you should discuss with Dr Turner the possibility of using a small implant to improve your breast volume and give better shape.


A with a breast implant will give some nipple elevation and restore lost volume. However the amount of elevation is only about 1-2cm. If you try to use a high projecting implant to give maximum lift, this may look good for a short time than the breast skin envelope will stretch and you will get waterfall or snoopy deformity and a poor breast shape.


As we are mainly removing the skin and not interfering with the underlying breast gland, the innervation to the nipple remains intact. It is not uncommon to have some temporary alteration in sensation to the nipples but this generally settles over 6 months.


The results of a breast lift vary depending on each individual patient. Many can enjoy firm, youthful breasts for several years, but certain factors, such as aging, weight loss, pregnancy and gravity, can cause the tissues to weaken and the breasts to sag again.

It takes a few months for the breast to settle into their final shape during the healing phase. During this settling phase you will need to wear a supportive surgical bra.


Some of those stretch marks will be removed with the extra skin, especially in the lower part of the breast. Those located on the upper breast will remain. However, the stretch marks that remain may be tightened and smoothed out somewhat.


Some stitches used are dissolving and these will not have to be removed. In the event that sutures need removal, this is done between one and three weeks after surgery.


This depends on your potential before the mastopexy operation and the style of operation you decide on after discussion with the doctor.


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