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Tip Rhinoplasty or Mini Nose Job by Dr Scott Turner in Newcastle or Sydney

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A Bulbous nose tip, or a round, overly large nasal tip, is one of the reasons you may want to consider a tip rhinoplasty or tipoplasty. Dr Scott Turner FRACS (Plas) is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and Rhinoplasty expert in Newcastle and Sydney NSW. If you are concerned by your nose tip, its size or shape, contact Dr Turner and schedule your initial consultation.

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What Is Tip Rhinoplasty ?

Tip rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes or moves the nasal tip cartilage (lower lateral nasal cartilage) for a smaller, streamlined and elegant looking nose. If you are concerned with your nose tip and wonder what a perfect nose might look like, this procedure could help. Tip rhinoplasty or a mini nose job is a  surgical procedure with high satisfaction rates that reduces the width of your nasal tip and gives it a more model-like projection.

What Are The Benefits Of Mini Nose Job ?

A mini nose job procedure, also known as a tipoplasty procedure, reshapes the tip of the nose. Tip rhinoplasty is a great way to reduce the tip of the nose, narrow the nostrils, and elevate the tip for more projection. This procedure reshapes the nasal tip and gives it a more contoured, balanced appearance. It moves the focal point of your face towards the eyes and compliments your facial contours.

Before and After Nose Surgery Photos

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About The Tip Rhinoplasty Procedure

During your tip rhinoplasty, Dr Turner will make W-incision into the columella – the small bridge between your nostrils. The incision goes into the nostrils as well, but this positioning of the tip rhinoplasty incision enables it to stay hidden. Dr Turner will then reshape or reposition the lower cartilage of your nose and place sutures to minimise risk. The sutures may be long-term self-dissolvable sutures and will fall out on their own.

The entire procedure lasts around 1 to 2 hours, and you may be released on the same day. There is little bruising and swelling after a mini nose job. You will be able to return to work and your normal duties about a week after your tip plasty with Dr  Turner.

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Recovery After Tip Rhinoplasty

Recovery after a tip rhinoplasty is a short and easy recovery. During this procedure, Dr Scott Turner addresses the tip of the nose only and since there is little surgery around the bone, the bruising and swelling after a mini nose job is minimal.

Minimising Scars After Tip Rhinoplasty

Tip rhinoplasty scars are fairly easily managed. Dr Turner places the W-incision on the columella of your nose so that it is fairly difficult to see it and will fade over time. General tipoplasty scar care includes:

  • Avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Avoid Any trauma to the nose
  • Taking good care of the wound itself – no smoking, vaping or passive smoke.

Good wound care prevents infections and speeds up the healing process, minimising the scar in return.

Tip Rhinoplasty Long-Term Results

For long-lasting tip rhinoplasty results, make sure that you are healthy and fit before the procedure. You should avoid smoking both before and after your tip nose job, as this will minimise risks and complications that could compromise your tip plasty results. Your results can also be optimised by.

  • Adopting a healthy diet,
  • Regular gentle physical activity,
  • Very Careful Icing of the wound (avoid ice burn)
  • Avoiding trauma to the face

These are all the ways you can achieve longer-lasting tip rhinoplasty results.

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Am I A Good Candidate For Mini Nose Job?

To be a good candidate for a mini nose job, you should:

  • Have an enlarged nasal tip as a result of:
    • Thick nose skin
    • Large nose cartilage
    • Normal size nose cartilage that is positioned in a wrong way
    • Trauma to the nose
    • A rhinoplasty procedure that gave bad results
  • Have a droopy nose tip
  • Have a bulbous nose tip that you would like to have narrowed
  • Have asymmetrical nostrils, especially as a result of trauma, injury or hereditary factors
  • Have an undesirable curvature or malpositioning of the tip
  • NOT have enough nose projection
  • Have realistic expectations of what plastic surgery can do for you
  • Be fit, healthy and not a smoker

If you fall into one or more of these categories, you may be the right candidate for the mini nose job procedure. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr Scott Turner and let him assess your nose and suggest the best nose surgery for your desired results.

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Tip Rhinoplasty Sydney Costs & Prices – How Much Is Tip Nose Job Sydney Cost?

A tip nose job Sydney costs generally slightly less than a full rhinoplasty. The area that Dr Turner operates on in a tip rhinoplasty is smaller than the area in a full rhinoplasty. It is also a less invasive procedure, and for these reasons, it may cost less.

Please avoid choosing a nose surgeon based on price. Always choose the best specialist plastic surgeon and be ready to pay a fair price – tipplasty or a mini nose job is a complex surgical procedure requiring a surgeon that is a member of FRACS – the Royal college of surgeons.

For an estimate of your own Tip Rhinoplasty price in Sydney or Newcastle please phone 1300 641199 –  contact Dr Turner’s team or download the Price Guide on the Pricing page.

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Funding Your Mini Nose Job

A payment plan from Medical Finance or your own Super Fund may help cover your Nose Surgery.

If you experience any functional or breathing issues with the tip of your nose, you may be eligible for coverage by Medicare or your health insurance. To check whether you qualify for a Medicare rebate, send photos and contact Dr Turner’s team today.

If you would like to have a tipplasty or a mini nose job for purely cosmetic reasons, Medicare and insurance will NOT cover the cost of a mini rhinoplasty procedure. If you would like to have a mini nose job to correct a previous elective surgery that has gone bad, Medicare will also not cover the procedure.

Celebrities Having Tip Rhinoplasty

Many celebrities have had rhinoplasty procedures, which may also have included the tip rhinoplasty: Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Grey, Ashley Tisdale, Tyra Banks, Dianna Agron and many others. These celebrities show a more sculptured nose and a better-balanced face. This is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures as it yields satisfying results with minimal downtime of some 3-5 days.

Is Tip Rhinoplasty Worth It?

Realself.com has rated the tip rhinoplasty as a high-satisfaction rate procedure. With anywhere between 85% and 93% success rate, tip rhinoplasty is worth it. It yields good results, does not cost as much as a typical rhinoplasty procedure, and has a shorter recovery time.

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FAQs about Mini Nose Job

What is the perfect nose?

The perfect nose is whichever nose shape and size suit your face the best. Generally, a nose should be long, narrow, and have no curvatures, a droopy nose tip, or a bulbous tip. A small nose job or a bulbous nose reduction procedure is a commonplace surgical procedure that reshapes your nose for a well-balanced face and more satisfaction with the way your nose looks.

Can you fix a bulbous nose tip?

Yes, you can fix a bulbous nose tip by a bulbous tip correction. This procedure reshapes the cartilages of your nose for a better defined nasal tip with greater nasal projection. You may ask your surgeon about a 'mini nose job' or a 'mini rhinoplasty' if you would like to have a better-contoured nose tip.

What is a mini rhinoplasty?

Unlike a full rhinoplasty, a mini rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes only the tip of your nose. In this procedure, Dr Scott Turner will make a small incision on your columella and the inside of your nostrils and reshape the lower nasal cartilages.

What is a small nose job?

A small nose job or a mini rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the tip of the nose only. It is commonly used to narrow a wide nasal tip and reduce any nostril asymmetry that you may experience.

What is tip plasty?

Tip plasty or tipoplasty is a surgical procedure that narrows a wide nasal tip. It corrects nostril asymmetry, wide nostrils and a bulbous nose. If you are concerned with how your nasal tip looks or think a differently shaped nose tip may suit your face better, contact Dr Scott Turner and get a professional opinion.

Is tip plasty easier than rhinoplasty?

Yes, a tip plasty is an easier surgical procedure than a rhinoplasty. In tip plasty, Dr Turner, your specialist plastic surgeon, does not touch the nasal bones or the upper nasal cartilages. This results in less bruising and swelling and a shorter recovery time. A tip plasty procedure generally takes up to 45 minutes, while a full rhinoplasty can take anywhere between 3-4 hours, depending on what needs to be done.

Does tip plasty last forever?

Yes, a tip plasty lasts forever. The tissues that your surgeon, Dr Scott Turner, operated on cannot grow back. However, serious trauma to the nose tip, a repeated tip rhinoplasty by an inexperienced surgeon as well as aging can change the shape of your nose many years after your tip rhinoplasty.

Does a nose job hurt?

You may experience some discomfort after a mini nose job, as the tissues heal and your nose tip gets its desired shape. During the tip plasty procedure, you will be either under local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation or under general anaesthesia. During the recovery period, you will be taking pain relievers to help ease the discomfort.

How long is mini nose job recovery?

A mini nose job surgery is around 45 minutes long. It is a relatively short procedure. Short time under the anaesthetic generally translates to a shorter downtime after the procedure and a faster recovery.

How much is a mini nose job?

Since no two patients are alike, Australia's mini nose job prices can only be roughly estimated. You should be ready to pay for an experienced plastic surgeon to do the mini nose job procedure on you. Please phone the team for an estimate. Any low prices may signal an underqualified doctor (cosmetic surgeon) or an inexperienced plastic surgeon.

Surgeries associated with Tip Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgeries are commonly combined. This way, you can enjoy the benefit of having to spend a single period under the anaesthetic and recovering from multiple procedures at the same time. Some surgical procedures that may commonly combined with a tip rhinoplasty are:

As well as other nose surgical procedures, such as:

If you want to have several cosmetic or plastic procedures performed, speak with Dr Turner about combining them to maximise the downtime and the best results.

Planning Your Tip Rhinoplasty Patient Journey

Your tip rhinoplasty journey starts well before the surgical procedure. To have the best experience of a tip rhinoplasty, you should:

  • Find the best specialist plastic surgeon that specialises in nose surgery,
  • Prepare for the consultation: think of what bothers you about your nose tip and what you would like to achieve,
  • Prepare for the tip rhinoplasty procedure: a healthy diet, regular exercise and avoiding stressors can do wonders in terms of tip rhinoplasty success rate and recovery time,
  • Organise your support team – Prepare to stay at home for a few days post-op: run your errands and stock up your fridge with easy-to-make foods.

How do you Find The Best Mini Nose Job Surgeon Sydney has to offer?

When looking for the best mini nose job plastic surgeon in Newcastle or Sydney NSW, pay attention to:

  • What their past patients are saying – read online reviews and look at RealSelf – a treasury of nose job reviews,
  • Check the credentials of your specialist plastic surgeon: the degree, experience and whether or not they are a Fellow of RACS,
  • Check out their Tip Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos in their rooms  – if they are not available online, the chances are your specialist plastic surgeon has them in the office,
  • Check out their prices: discounted prices or too low prices indicate low quality and potentially cutting corners. You do not want to cut corners on your nose & face surgery.

Why Choose Dr Scott Turner?

Dr Scott Turner FRACS (Plas) is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon operating in Newcastle and Sydney NSW. Dr Turner has ample experience in nose surgeries: rhinoplasty, mini nose job, alarplasty, septoplasty and turbinectomy are the nose surgeries he can do safely and professionally: Dr Turner’s signature professionalism relies on:

  • An objective evaluation of the patient,
  • A customised approach to the procedure,
  • Top-notch advising and aftercare,
  • The ability to balance between what is wanted and what can realistically give better results.

Tip Rhinoplasty Glossary

  • Nose tip – the most protruding part of the nose, the soft tissue that envelops the entries to the airways of the nose,
  • Lower Nasal Lateral Cartilage – the two pieces of cartilage in the tip of the nose,
  • Upper Nasal Lateral Cartilage – the two pieces of cartilage starting from the tip of the nose and going to the basal bone,
  • Septum – the cartilage and bone dividing the airways of the nose into two distinct channels,
  • Anaesthetic – a chemical that is administered intravenously or is inhaled; it relaxes you and puts you to sleep,
  • Rhinoplasty – nose job, a surgical procedure that reshapes the inner structures of the nose for a well-balanced appearance of the face,
  • Tip rhinoplasty – a rhinoplasty procedure that addresses the lower nasal lateral cartilage.

Risk & Complications Of Mini Nose Job

A mini nose job is a surgical procedure, and like every other surgical procedure, it has some associated risks and complications. The risks and complications of a mini nose job or a tip rhinoplasty can include

  • Bleeding, Bruising, Swelling, Nose tip discolouration, Difficulty breathing through your nose, Numbness in the nose tip area, Scar, A hole in the septum (septal perforation), Adverse reactions of the anaesthetic used.

For more information visit the risks & complications of surgery page

Tip Rhinoplasty – Further Reading

  1. Rhinoplasty Tip-shaping Surgery – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf
  2. What is Tip Rhinoplasty Procedure? Result
  3. Tip Rhinoplasty: History of the Procedure, Problem, Indications

About Dr Scott Turner FRACS (Plas) – Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Scott Turner - Top Plastic Surgeon Sydney and Best plastic surgeon Newcastle

Dr Scott J Turner has spent a lifetime acquiring the qualifications, education, training, and hands-on surgical experience to perform superior cosmetic plastic surgery to give you natural, beautiful results and the improved sense of well-being you want. He is one of the top Specialist Plastic Surgeons with a Breast and Body Surgery focus in New South Wales.

Achieving this personal goal requires not only in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and refined surgical techniques but an ongoing commitment to learning the latest procedures around the world. This is why Dr Turner regularly attends both local and international surgeon meetings – discussing these advances with the leaders around the world in order to offer you the most natural, effective and safest surgical procedures. He is a committed board member of ASAPS – Australia Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Dr Turner and his highly trained staff will do everything to ensure that you are fully informed, while providing exceptional, world-class cosmetic plastic surgery, in a personal and caring environment.

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